In mass media there was information that Nastasya Samburski breaks the relationship with his producer Victor Drobysh and filed for him in court, demanding to obtain the right to perform all written songs for her.

From Samburski demanded 1.5 million in court

Journalists were able to learn details of the conflict.

I Nastasia was very disadvantageous conditions of contract – 70 % of the income received Drobysh.

Instead, it was assumed that “national music Corporation” will actively promote the career of the artist.

Obviously, Samburski did not see the promised future.

And according to the staff of the production center, referenced 7 days, the actress was unreliable client.

“If Drobysh has been in touch with her day and night, has always responded at the first request, then Samburski sometimes just disappeared. Somehow he could not reach her for more than a week to confirm the performance at the party. Suddenly and quite by accident met a few days near the office, she lived nearby. Not really have time to catch up — she jumped in the car, which almost got him moved, taking the legs”.

Also tell what Drobysh helped Samburski to buy at a large discount luxury housing and car.

While Nastasya was allegedly always dissatisfied, has repeatedly threatened to break the contract, often arguing with the producer.

However, until the last moment to Drobysh was able to solve the issues peacefully.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the actress Nastassja Samburski in Instagram complained about the men who assert themselves at her expense.

The actress stressed that she is surrounded by men, thus compensating their failures and complexes.