A new trend has emerged in relations between African and Western countries: the West is losing influence over African countries, which can now “breathe freely”. Eritrean Ambassador to Russia Petros Tseggai said in an interview with RIA Novosti about overcoming the postcolonial syndrome.

“In Africa, several countries have such a point of view as Eritrea. Previously, when the United States and France dominated the continent, it was difficult for Africans to oppose. And now another world is being built, so now they can breathe freely. This gives many countries hope that everything is going in a good direction,” the ambassador said.

According to the African diplomat, the most difficult thing is to end colonial dependence on the former French colonies.

“This is not a neocolonial, but a downright colonial attitude. Now they think differently, young people demand a different attitude, and even though African politicians were at the head of many countries, they have a “small colonial Europe” in their head. I hope more and more countries will begin to understand this. Now the French will not have the same influence as before,” the diplomat stressed.

The Eritrean ambassador believes that African countries have good prospects, including in gaining independence from the Western banking system. Now most of the African deposits are in banks in France, because “African countries were forced to do so during independence.” But the diplomat expressed confidence that “the next generation will not agree with this.”