The digitization has opened in the Federal house a completely new field. But what are the politicians actually understand some of the complex processes that shape our society? The parliamentary group Epower examined the affinity of the National and Ständeräte for the topic in Detail.

the basis of the survey, the Sunday view is present, forms the last legislature. Three factors are in focus: the reference to information and communication technologies (ICT), the voting behaviour in the councils and of the members of Parliament tabled motions.

regulated out of existence, and instead of fair competition,

not surprisingly, representatives of the IT industry obenaus swing: Among the “most digital” three members of the Council Dobler (39, SG) and the SVPler Franz Grüter (56, LU), two entrepreneurs of this industry are presented with the free-minded Marcel. The green-liberal party President Jürg Grossen, (50, BE), electro-knows designers and also entrepreneurs, the topic practically by the house.

The Bernese Oberland with his colleagues in the Parliament to the court: The ways of Thinking and acting of many of the members of Parliament in relation to legislation in this area are out of date. To enable “instead of digital solutions and fair competition, they will be regulated out of existence and prevented,” says Large.

“There is in Parliament per party only a few persons with IT skills,” notes the national Council Dobler. And in the great chamber more Know-how is available than in the Stöckli. Franz Grüter, in turn, notes that in comparison with other industries, “digital experts are not represented in the Parliament is very strong.”

Which group is the most for the IT industry?

On the top of the trio around 30 majority, followed by civil representatives, which Epower gives the title of “engaged”. Including a social Democrat: the Thurgauerin Edith Graf-Litscher (55). You have thought about your choice of 2005, which Dossiers had not been occupied in the SP yet. “All the questions of digitization at the time were in my party broke.” Initially, I laughed at you, today, to benefit you to have early in the of matter incorporated.

The investigation not dissected but only the voting behaviour of parliamentarians, but also analyzed which groups are most in the interest of the IT industry to the vote. In the Council of States there are the free thinkers. In the national Council but the SVP, followed by GLP and the BDP. The SP is formed in both chambers, according to the survey, the final light.