The Deputy of the state Duma assessed the reluctance of Ukraine to celebrate may 9

Previously, the announcement was made by Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko.

Photo: Max Vetrov/RIA Novosti Crimea appreciated Zelenski declared national idea of Ukraine

Is the statement from the category of those who do feel ashamed, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee Dmitry Novikov, quoted by RT. Because any politician should be a man, he must remain in an adequate coordinate system, when we are talking about the great Victory over fascism.

Novikov said that it was achieved by the Soviet people, including Ukrainians – at the cost of enormous casualties.

Such decisions he described as the continuation of activities aimed at the destruction of national memory. President Vladimir Zelensky “can not escape from a policy which is imposed to him by a narrow circle of the Ukrainian elite,” said the parliamentarian.