The deputies proposed a way to help the business to recognize force majeure on high alert

to Recognize force majeure acting on the territory of the country on high alert proposed in the state Duma. The bill introduced by deputies from “Fair Russia”. Business representatives believe that this will be an honest decision and eliminate legal uncertainty.

the Authors of the project believe that actually quarantine measures are all signs of force majeure — emergency and the inability to prevent the consequences, but the document to confirm it in court, no. Therefore, the deputies offer to equate high alert to the circumstance of force majeure, which means giving the right of legal and natural persons to refuse to fulfill its obligation under the contracts without penalty.

Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Paperno believes that the adoption of this bill may be welcomed by businesses in different ways, but uniquely will bring clarity in an uncertain legal situation.

— the Benefit is for business or not is a complex question, but it will be a fair solution. Because now the situation is this: no peace, no war, and disband the army. It seems like nothing can be done, but to call this a situation of force majeure in court too. Can hurt those who made a payment under the contract because they did not receive services. But the truth is that they don’t get where the entrepreneur because of the quarantine ceased operations. Unhappy are also the landlords, but from what funds to pay rent to those who do not voluntarily closed, is unclear.

the Public business-defender Alexander Guruji also confident that the recognition of the current situation of force majeure will eliminate legal uncertainty and will solve many problems of insurers, employers and the state.