(Paris) Alain Delon, whose clan is torn apart, adores his daughter as much as he maintains stormy relationships with his sons who dreamed of following in his footsteps and making a name for themselves in the shadow of the legend.

An adult tormented by an unhappy and lonely childhood, the 88-year-old actor imposed a particularly brutal education on his two sons, which his eldest Anthony describes in Between Dog and Wolf, published in March 2023: “I could have deduced that this man, my father, did not love me, and so let him destroy a part of me.”

A conflictual relationship which contrasts with the love that the actor has and declaims for his daughter Anouchka, born in 1990 and regularly described as the “woman of [his] life”.

This complicity led the young actress to present the Honorary Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival to her father in 2019, the only child of the siblings invited by the sacred monster to the ceremony, before being appointed executor of the will. by Alain Delon.

“Their father never hid his preference for his daughter,” indicates the actor’s biographer Bernard Violet, in an interview with Le Parisien published Thursday.

The actor has already made his arrangements, which are very favorable to his daughter, according to Anthony Delon. “My sister, she has 50% of my father’s entire fortune. My brother [Alain-Fabien] and I are what we call the reserve share, so we have 25%,” detailed the eldest of the siblings on Friday on CNews. “I would have done it differently,” said Anthony, father of two daughters, on BFMTV.

On the other hand, “my brother and I want my father’s wishes to be respected” by leaving him in his home in Douchy, he explained, accusing their sister, who lives in Switzerland, of wanting to “bring back” the spotlight to from her, for tax reasons.

The Cheetah actor has always been aware of his difficulties as a parent. “I’m not sure I was a good father to them, nor a good grandfather. Did I measure up? I don’t believe it,” he confided about his sons in 2018 to Paris Match.

His first son, Anthony, was born in 1964. The fruit of his love affair with Nathalie, the only woman he married, the boy would experience a troubled childhood, marked by divorce and the absence of his parents.

Same blue eyes, feline gait, false thug looks… After stints in a reformatory then in prison for weapons possession, Anthony will launch into the cinema, but struggles to get rid of the label of “son of” …and prefers to devote himself to fashion, via a line of leather jackets.

Three decades later, Alain-Fabien was born in 1994 from the couple that the actor formed with the Dutch model Rosalie Van Breemen: the young man, four years younger than his sister Anouchka, first made headlines for a fire occurred at a party he had organized, minor.

He received a suspended prison sentence and confessed his discomfort in a book: De la race des seigneurs (2019), the story of an apprentice actor, “caught up by his demons” and dreaming of equaling his father, a famous actor.

Seeming more peaceful, the thirty-year-old had posted photos online at the end of December from Christmas Eve in Douchy, showing him at the table alongside his father, Anthony and his two daughters. The absence of his sister Anouchka had been noticed.

On the sidelines of this divided brotherhood, Alain Delon has never recognized the paternity of Ari Boulogne, son of the singer Nico of the Velvet Underground, with whom he had an affair in the 60s. The photographer was raised by his own mother of the actor, he had several stays in psychiatric hospitals and detoxification treatments. He died in May 2023, at the age of 60.

“I had a daughter and I recognized her, I did what seemed right to me,” said Anthony Delon on Friday, who paid tribute to Ari Boulogne on social networks.