Written notification to all employees must be submitted by June 30. Most employers did in the beginning of the year. The HR managers who love to put off and which were on remote, have to send out notices in the mail. “The selection application form, employment record book is an official document, therefore the only valid means of transfer of correspondence from the employer to the employee is “Mail of Russia”, as it allows you to fix as the fact of sending of the document by the applicant, and the fact of its receipt,” says the managing partner of the legal company Alex Gavrishev. The same thing will have to do and employees, if prior to the end of the year they will work on remote and can not convey its decision and signed by the personnel Department.

From January 1, entered into force the law on the electronic workbook. Each employee was given a year to decide if he wants to leave the paper version or go to electronic. What are the advantages of electronic work? It will not lose neither the employer nor the employee. The employee may at any time to check what records is making his employer in the employment. If the employee decides to transfer their seniority and employment services in electronic format, paper book, the HR Department will give him in his hands. If you do not decide to change, the employer will continue to conduct paper work, but at the same time will duplicate the data in the electronic employment at the employee.