The daughter of a former senior us official accused of murder

accused of murder arrested the daughter of John Negroponte, a former senior us diplomat who served at the time, the posts of Director of national intelligence and Deputy Secretary of state.

According to Montgomery County police, Maryland, investigating a criminal case into the killing of 24-year-old Yusuf Rasmussen. The suspect is 27-year-old Sophia Negroponte, arrested at the scene of the crime and accused of murder with aggravating circumstances, reports TASS. According to reports, during the conflict with the suspect male received a fatal stab wound. As shown by the witness, the young people that night, drank and watched TV in his presence, and then quarreled and fought. The girl’s father confirmed that in this case we are talking about his daughter, and said that he loves her.

John Negroponte was US Ambassador to Honduras, Mexico and Iraq. In the period from 2005 to 2007 he held the post of Director of national intelligence, later Deputy Secretary of State. While working in Honduras, Negroponte and his wife have adopted five children.