The scandal with the daughter of the assumption of those about which it is impossible to forget. Tatyana Plaksina accused the mother of all mortal sins all over the country and flew to the US where her dad lived.

It is supposed that the girl was suffering from addiction to alcohol and banned substances, the media wrote.

After the departure of Tatiana played with the strange statements on instagram. So this time, holding a photo of his hand with a glass of wine, the girl reported:

"can’t drink Anymore! From a headache and “cleansing” the body’s involuntary! SAI RAM ! Seen in 30 years already hare to drink!".

Plaksina immediately pounced on the singer Nargis, saying that she was “sick worse than booze” and calling it “snake”.

It should be noted that for some reason Nargis along with his mother, the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya from time to time exposes sharp criticism.

The girl draws pictures in the style or avant-garde, whether primitivism which, in her opinion, are good in the world.

“I Work for the SALVATION of LIFE ON EARTH – YOU ruin along with Nargis their sick voices! LECHITES ! I Ever unsubscribe from You”, she said in microblogging.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya in the program “the Stars aligned” on NTV accused’s mother that she locked it with a key, and even choked.

The singer said that after a severe accident, which hit her daughter, “the mental state of the shaken”.

Publish from @pacha_tati 25 Jun 2020 1:23 PDT