The Datsun brand may cease to exist (again)

Nissan has already announced its intention to dramatically reduce operational costs, and for this again to “kill” the brand Datsun, under which there are budget cars. In Indonesia and India the activities of the brand are scaling down, the fate of the Russian branch is still in question.

About the withdrawal of the Datsun brand with the Indonesian market announced almost officially. Already stopped the local plant of the company which was collected for Indonesia in two models – the platform, the compact MPV and small SUV, and stocks of dealers have stopped growing. It is expected that sales will be phased out during the spring.

In India, the presence of the brand, if not eliminate, the significantly limited. According to preliminary data, the local model range, which now consists of two models, reduce to one: assemble a small, affordable SUV is planned at the factory Datsun, but in the sale it can appear under the Nissan brand name.

as for Russia, in our country, the success of the Datsun, as well as in Indonesia and India, serious do not call. In 2019, the brand managed to sell just over 18 thousand cars, and even though it is 15% more than in 2018, imagination the figure is not striking.

However, the Russian office of Datsun last year claimed that to close the business no one is going. Recently the market went a slightly updated sedan Datsun on-Do, a little later he added new equipment, and even mark, according to rumors, is going to expand their model line (it consists of sedan and hatchback mi-Do) at the expense of a cheap SUV. But destined to whether this happen – the big question.

Text: Avtovesti