On the video service “Kinopoisk HD” has started showing the series of the Thriller “Vortex” is about troubled teenagers in a big city. It is pointless to blame the film kitchenette; the fact that this Kinomax, and to treat it accordingly.Maria Loseva urban-collector team of investigators discovers the bodies of teenagers whom no one wanted. It’s not just an accident — murder like a monstrous ritual, wielding a ruthless sect. But, in addition, adolescents were the victims of indifference of the big city of the whirlpool, which sucks in the vulnerable, make clear to us the authors of the series…”the Whirlpool” is the third original product itself, after the political satire of the Novel volobuyeva “the Last Minister” (see “Ogonek” No. 16 for the year 2020) and the adventures of the cyborg-policeman in the “Project “Anna N.”” (Director Maxim Pezhemskii). The online platform continues to experiment with genres. This time directed by Andrey Zagidullin and screenwriter Andrei Stempkovsky offer the viewer loaded aesthetically challenging genre of the film.However, one should not look for analogies with contemporary American thrillers: in comparison with, for example, “True detective” (“True Detective”, TV HBO, 2014) “the Swirl” looks helplessly naive stylization, there are a lot of blatant kitsch and clichés. However, the domestic audience, on reflection about what is happening on the screen, sooner or later, will remember the comic really underestimated here the object of American culture. And will be right. This is Kinomax, which is not going to require likelihood. And nothing prevents to say, on the Russian screens released one of the most successful Russian detective comics — once a foreign body, which has now taken root in the domestic cultural field.”The history of the show was pretty long, says writer Andrei Stempkovsky.— “Whirlpool” was coined already in 2013. Inspired largely its own experience and trauma. Do not just to take it all literally history, of course, fictional. But the pain and madness of the characters are quite authentic. I think all too quickly the image of a huge dark collector under the city, darkness Shrouding the land in the world where evil wins… you Know, the Jews have a concept of “concealment of the face”. This, in simple terms, an area of the world where is happening a lot of injustice and evil. In 2013, I wrote the first four series of “Whirlpool” plus the development of the project — all except the final. Then began suffering. The producers read it, everyone loved. Several times buy the option (this is when a production company buys for itself a preferential right to run the project within a certain period — from three months to half of thea). Then usually the producer offers material channels. But all the channels in the end were given up, the material seemed to them too hard. This continued until, while in 2015 the material has not read Ruben Dishdishyan, head of “Mars Media”. The script he liked, what he decided to do the film at your own risk with no guarantees from the TV channels. At the moment already made their first steps to independent online platforms, and Ruben said to me: “this story, it is now necessary”. And indeed, after some time, the script became interested in one of the new platforms that were prepared to do “Yandex”. In the end, they launched the project into production.”Until recently, attempts to create a domestic comic with compelling characters were quite deliberate and a failure to recall the monstrous “Defenders” (the Russian fantasy Thriller by Sarik Andreasyan 2017, an attempt to create their own superheroes by analogy with American comics). In 2018, the Russian screens released film “the Pope must die” Kirill Soloviev — as in the case of “Whirlpool,” is a rare successful example of incorporation of aesthetics and grotesque cartoon of reality. The Russian audience the film, however, did not understand — just tripping over clichés and kitsch. But two years later it took a Bang in the US: the American press erupted in a praiseworthy reviews the average review score of 7.7 out of 10.”Whirlpool” was the track left by the times as “Dad”, too, trying to change the optics of the viewer, to wean him from his naivety and the linearity of the perception of a film. It is particularly important that the actors managed to convey to the viewer a special measure cartoon “Convention.” How to cope with this problem the main characters of the series, will be judged by the audience on the works of Vladimir Vdovichenkov (he deserved, no need to introduce), Aristarchus of Venesa (many remember him for “Kadetstvo”), Alena Mikhailova (remember the recent TV series “Snips”).”Each of the characters sits the individual pain each grapple with their personal demons, and each of them are different,— says Andrey Stempkovsky.— Most of my personal — character Mark (lions in wines). He is the only one of the team Oper — povzroslevshie child struggling with childhood trauma. And he is the only one capable of dialogue with adolescents on the streets. The theme of abandoned children, devoured by the Maelstrom — the key of the piece. And mark is a former street teen also carries it in himself… I would like to the global promises that are wrapped in a detective shell, not lost in the end. The viewer to think about the problems that plague our society. In fact, the source of these problems are inside us, not outside. I would like to believe that our show will help people to change”.