We are a welfare society where the state has taken over most tasks.

We are good at making claims and know our rights.

Now it turns out that we still are a friendly and inclusive society.

There are probably many who doubted it and described us as a selfish society with no heart. Corona-the crisis has shown that when it comes, people like to help each other.

Thank you for that and thank you for that the human face shows up on the tick and cross in the entire country.

the Danes joins greatly to the groups and organizations that help or support others. Individual takes simply the matter into their own hands.

She Bjerregaad Iversen in the Otter has made its own aftenmadsservice, where she is doing a the right of the other who is pressed.

She takes even around with the food and offers the much sought after toilet paper for 20 dollars extra.

It is the community spirit, and she is just one out of many.

the Red Cross has been bestormet of volunteers who want to lend a hand in the hælpenetværk, as the organization has created. Nearly 10,000 have currently signed up. More than is needed.

Everywhere in the country and in most municipalities, the danes exploited the social media and in particular Facebook to make support groups. Here you can find help for child care, purchase of food and practical activities.

most of The families have come together to organize help for the weak in the family or those who need a little care.

the Need for information and advice is not subsided here at the crisis of the seventh day. The brands we are clearly here at the B. T. As the medium we cover, of course, news, but it is also our task to provide education and information.

Therefore, it can be on the net every day to ask questions and get the answers to the questions that are pressing.

It is first and foremost information about smittefaren, and how one should behave outside and inside.

It is quite concrete and immediate issues that are of concern to the danes and their families, and most of them will also find their way to the newspaper.

Every day we send a tv program directly on Facebook, where users can ask questions and where experts answer. Here is both the doctors, nurses, economists, and therapists, even if they are busy. The interest is huge – both to ask and to participate.

There is nothing good to say about the virus that has crippled the whole world and not least in western Europe.

Although we are prepared mostly in our high-tech society, is magtesløsheden over for this virus is striking. We have been put down by an enemy we cannot see.

But a strength, that we may have overlooked in the everyday. It is greatly to the present and can be felt.

When we are on the other side of the epidemic, it must not be forgotten. We must take advantage of, we fundamentally are interested in other people. There is a willingness to lend a hand. It is not just the state, that helps.

It is the right human hands, that promises.

It will be the best thing that can come out of this crisis. An increased awareness that the danes can and will help danes

Thank you for showing the way.