There is no view for football at the top level in the near future, so now have 2. denmark Brønshøj Boldklub taken the consequence and decided to sell out of the foods that are in the club.

the Club has made a posting on Facebook in order to get rid of the many items that have an expiration date, and it is extremely advantageous prices.

‘Help us! The kitchen in c must be emptied of goods, as the prospect of football is uncertain. We sell, therefore, the inventories for our own purchase, and hope you will help,’ writes the club and have in a very short time got sold out of several items.

Gone are products such as the Carlsberg Classic and energy drinks as well as Coca-Cola, while there is still a large inventory of bars of chocolate, white wine and regular Carlsberg beer.

in addition to the goods, provides every purchase over 100 dollars a free pass to a home game, and there are several who have already turned to – and also bought scarves.

A single person has for example used the other day to buy 12 scarves.

Brønshøj Boldklub has, like many other football clubs have been particularly hard hit by the coronakrisen, and the club’s kontraktspillere has indicated that over the next four months will pay parts of their salary to a scheme.

Now there is also money in by selling out of the kitchen inventories.