One might imagine that the increased time in the home would lead to more long baths and large rengøringsprojekter. But something suggests that it is not the case.

In the metropolitan area is the consumption of water dropped by seven litres in the average per capita of two weeks.

It writes the TV 2 Lorry, who has spoken with Metropolitan supply company, HOFOR.

However, be hovedforklaringen not in the private home, think press officer in HOFOR, Astrid Skotte. She points out that it is the decline in business, which is the cause of that which is being used less water.

But she is also not dismissive.

“Where families probably consume more water than usual to flush toilets, etc, coffee brewing, hand wash, cleaning and the like, because many are at home all day, it may conversely be that the families save a little on laundry, and the daily shower now, where you can just pull in joggingtøjet in the morning,” says Astrid Skotte for TV 2 Lorry.

The great decline in water consumption means that the last two weeks has used 50 million liters of water less in Copenhagen, and the eight omegnskommuner.

HOFOR provides water to approximately one million people.