The Czech President condemned the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev

PRAGUE, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. the dismantling of the monument to Marshal Konev is foolish, but the intervention in the internal Affairs of the Czech Republic is counterproductive, said on Sunday the Czech President miloš Zeman, speaking on TV Prima.

Authorities of the district Prague 6 dismantled 3 April, the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. According to the initiator of the demolition of the monument, warden (head) of district 36-year-old ondřej Kolář, the monument is transferred to the Museum of the history of the twentieth century.

on Friday in the Main investigatory management SK criminal case under part 3 of article 354.1 of the criminal code (desecration of symbols of Russia’s military glory, committed publicly). As reported by the official representative of IC Svetlana Petrenko, Russian investigators intend to prosecute participants of the demolition of the monument.

“I recently are wearing masks (anti-coronavirus), called (in Prague castle) separate the Chinese and American ambassadors (in Czech). The Chinese Ambassador then threatened us (with sanctions) if the President of the Senate will go to Taiwan. American (Ambassador) threatened us that if we introduce a digital tax, it will responses, for example, for our firms, which operate in the United States. Both of them I was told that this is interference in internal Affairs (Czech Republic), and it is counterproductive. The same now applies to the Russian Federation, although the removal of the monument to Marshal Konev I think it’s silly and counter-monuments” — said Zeman.

Czech President also reminded of the military merit of Marshal Konev and stated the worthlessness of those people who are now deployed in Prague fight with the monument to Marshal.

“Marshal Konev liberated not only Prague, he also liberated Auschwitz, while those who have this monument removed, yet nothing worthwhile in his life did not. It is a feature of the “fighters of monuments”. They envy those who something achieved. I envy those who painted a picture or created a monument and seek to destroy it. Unfortunately, such people very much, and generates hatred and envy, rather than the recognition of (other people’s) success,” said Zeman.

the Monument to the legendary Soviet military leader was established in Prague on the initiative of the city authorities in the late 1970’s-early 1980-ies.

It was built on means of inhabitants of Prague in gratitude for the fact that the commander has preserved buildings of the Czech capital, and ordered not to use heavy artillery during the assault on the city during its liberation from the Nazis in may 1945.

Previously, Jiri Ovcacek, press-Secretary of the Czech President, strongly condemned the actions of the district authorities of Prague 6.

As Ovcacek wrote on Twitter, “arrogant and hate” the Czech political extremists in a difficult time combating coronavirus has decided to cover the Czech Republic disgrace, removing a monument to Konev liberator of Auschwitz and Czechoslovakia from the German Nazis.