The cycle race

Multi-day Cycling race “Giro d’italia”, has been postponed indefinitely because of the coronavirus, may be held in October.

“the holding of the “Giro d’italia” in October is our goal,” – said the head of the Italian Cycling Federation Renato di Rocco, quoted by Tuttobiciweb.

the Cycling race was to be held from 9 to 31 may. The race was scheduled in Budapest (Hungary). “Giro d’italia” – a multi-day Cycling race, one of the three largest, along with “Tour de France” and “Vueltas”, held in 1909, the competitions were cancelled only during the First and Second world wars.

In the entire history of the competition, the Russians have won three of its winners: Evgeni Berzin (1994), Pavel Tonkov (1996) and Denis Menchov (2009). The last Cycling race was won by the Ecuadorian Richard Carapace.

Renato #Di Rocco vede la ripartenza agonistica non prima di agosto. #Tour a settembre, #Giro a ottobre #Vuelta a novembre.

— tuttoBICI (@tuttobiciweb_it) April 12, 2020

Outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus, the disease was recorded in the end of 2019 in Central China and spread to most countries. In the world were infected and 1.8 million people, more than 109 thousand died.