Naya Rivera

Today it became known that the 33-year-old star of “glee” (Glee) Naya Rivera has gone missing after boating on lake Piru in California, she went with her four-year-old son, Josie (boy was discovered alive in the boat a few hours later, he was wearing a life jacket). As suggested in Ventura County police, the actress is supposedly dead. But despite this, her family and fans continue to believe the best and hope that would save her.

Naya Rivera with her son Josie

the news about the loss of Rivera has responded to her colleague on the series “Glee” in which she played the role of cheerleader Santana Lopez, and other celebrities. Harry sham, Jr., Heather Morris, Iqbal Teba, Max Adler, Simon Curtis and others have written that pray for her salvation.

so help all the prayers that is, to return to our Nye. We need your love and light,

— written by Morris.

Naya Rivera and Heather Morris in “glee”

It’s heartbreaking. Pray that they have found the Naya and she was reunited with her son,

he hoped Chrissie Fit.

Pray for the wonderful Naya Rivera. We starred in her first television series “the Royal family”, and since then I have watched the blossoming of her career. Lord, please don’t stop this life

— Jackie said Harry.

fans of the stars also Express hope for her rescue and share their own experiences of how glee has helped them to better know themselves and accept themselves for who they are.

the Story of Santana Lopez was the inspiration. Naya Rivera presented her so beautifully, she was always an ally of the LGBT community (according to the script character Rivera was a lesbian. — Approx. ed.). Praying to be found alive. br>
Naya Rivera role Santana — the person thanks to whom I realized that to love women is fine. Thanks to her, I began to feel comfortable in who I am. Please find her. The search should not be stopped

— written by the fans of Rivera.

Heather Morris and Naya Rivera Heather Morris in “glee”

the story of the missing stars once again made fans of the show to remember that its main characters pursues evil rock. In the lives of many of actors starring in the series, there were many tragedies: due to a drug overdose died of Measles Mongait, and another actor, mark salling, committed suicide after he was convicted of possession of child pornography.

Naya Rivera during the filming of “Glee” in 2010 and got pregnant from her boyfriend Ryan Dorsey, she had an abortion because I thought that the child will interfere with her career. Five years later she bore him a son, Josie.

the son of a star found in the boat asleep. He said that aboutno together with my mother swam in the lake. He then returned to the boat, and Naya is gone. The boat was discovered by another life jacket, so obviously she sailed without him. According to the local Sheriff, the fact that Rivera was in the water, suggests that she most likely drowned.

large-scale search and rescue operation, which involved drones, divers and boat Sheriff, lasted several hours and was completed at ten o’clock. The work will resume early tomorrow morning.

Naya Rivera with her son Josie