The cultural capital found an intelligent way out of isolation

In many countries with the spread of the coronavirus cultural life to a standstill. Do not work with theatres and museums EN masse canceled exhibitions and concerts. Russia is no exception. But the exit is found. As solves the problem of Petersburg?

Never before in the square of Arts art was unavailable. At the castle, Russian Museum, the Philharmonic, Mikhailovsky theatre , Theatre of musical Comedy. Performances, exhibitions, concerts canceled.

Theaters without a problem accept refund tickets for cancelled performances. I have 4 tickets to the children’s play. It was to be held in March 19, but unfortunately, to go we can’t, so be kind.

Empty Tsarskoe Selo, Golden gate closed. The Catherine Palace without a single visitor — an amazing spectacle and fascinating. But behind the closed doors of palaces, theatres, concert halls and museums continue to work. From Tsarskoye Selo guardians — the quarantine with the poems.

In social networks — a virtual tour. Online exhibition opens to the 125th anniversary of the Russian Museum. Portraits of employees of the Treasury of Russian art. Goes live on the website and the accounts of the Museum in social networks.

“We are convinced that we, artists, have to support the people who remained at home, working remotely, which is the same as the Russian Museum, closed to visitors,” — said Anna Tsvetkova, Deputy Director of the Russian Museum.

Chairs in auditoriums under dust covers, but in many theaters continue the rehearsal.

“Our premiere of the musical, which we arranged at the end of may, we move in July. I hope that in may we will release a premiere for the anniversary of the Victory. It’s “the Firebird” — said Yury shvartskopf, General Director theatre of musical Comedy.

Some theatres Alexandrinsky, Mariinsky, “Baltic house” — decided all the same to play shows online. It broadcasts give a sense of belonging and socializing is so important in these days. Here is the new format opensXia international festival of harps “Northern lyre”. Comments inspire: “a Miracle ! What a joy ! Thank you for broadcasting”.

the good thing about the Internet broadcast, because there is no geographical restrictions. Gorgeous Denis Matsuev plays in Moscow — the whole world watching. This concert of the Moscow Philharmonic opens the project “Home season” — an act of solidarity, love for the music and the audience. All musicians perform without fee. While retaining the familiar ritual, at seven in the evening, the actors go on stage, and the audience at home immersed in the atmosphere of the concert hall.

His quiet and continue the important work of librarians. Came up to read kids books on the phone. From 10 in the morning until six in the evening, taking turns every three hours, the tube is removed Seraphim, Veronica and Marina. Per day time to take a hundred calls.

“the Last call came when I ran from the subway. Right on the escalator called me a child and I read to him a story. Finished reading, going to the library. So the demand is huge,” said one of the librarians.

And the little district library, and the world-famous Tretyakov gallery, and the Theatre of Nations, and the Pushkin Museum, the Vakhtangov theatre, and, of course, the Hermitage does not leave its viewers, readers, visitors.

This is very unusual. The empty Hermitage. Today, the virus had not intervened, there would be many visitors: every third Thursday of the month at the Hermitage — free entrance. But now empty and echoing silence. And it seems that even the sculpture in surprise.

But life in the Museum is not stopped, restoration work, researchers are preparing a new exhibition, open exhibitions — and all this can be observed in live. Hundreds of thousands of views. Online broadcasts — even from the deposits, which is usually not so simple to get.

Isolation — I believe in the Hermitage — must be intelligent. This is a time of new opportunities. Quarantine can and should be used for intellectual work.

“During the quarantine can be seen in the Hermitage more than just coming in and standing in line. Now the queue”, — said the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky.

Ahead of spring break. St. Petersburg authorities are asking parents not to bring children to the city, now better acquainted with him via the Internet. We all now need an example of an intelligent understanding of the discipline and intelligent optimism.

Text: “News of the week”