An aircraft of the Biman Bangladesh Airlines was started by the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, and Dubai. Then the terrible news: A 25-year-old passenger tried to hijack the machine. The crew was forced, at the airport in Chittagong made an emergency landing, reported the news Agency “Reuters”.

All the passengers are safe

Bangladeshi soldiers landed surrounded at landing the plane. In addition, photos on Twitter show that the plane of salvation was surrounded by forces. The Suspect had been arrested and interrogated. Rahman described the Suspects as “terrorists”. The Boeing 737 was at this time 142 passengers on Board. All are sure to come from the plane.

special operations forces of the army have to shoot the offender. The 25-Year-old was initially injured, and then after his arrest, died. The army commander of the Region of Chittagong, Bangladesh, Matiur Rahman said on Sunday.

perpetrator had a gun

The attacker with Bangladeshi citizenship have had a shot gun and the Crew to align, that he wanted to speak to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the army commander.

“The kidnapper had been very aggressive and in attack posture”, negotiations were possible. Therefore, there had been “no other way” than to shoot him. (SCM/SDA)