According to the Director, Central research Institute of epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, academician Vasily Akimkina, the level of coronavirus circulation fell 4 times. In Moscow it is 2.6%, in the suburbs – a 3.8-3.9%.

“We see that increased testing of the population. In recent time we have no record of new infections. This suggests that the level of virus circulation among the population is falling. According to our data, in the last week the level of circulation of coronavirus among the population by the number of detected crashed about 4-5 times. Today this level is 2.6% in Moscow and 3,8% -3,9% in the Moscow region. Let me remind you that earlier it was 12-14%” – said the scientist in the program “Doc-Talk” on the First channel.

According to him, there is a steady trend towards stabilization of the situation, however another possible flare-UPS, but not critical.

“I suppose that soon we will see the effect of the isolation that we see today. I think that it will increase in a number of positions as the measure between incidence, prevalence rates and the volume of the circulation of the virus is the immune system that occurs today”, he added.