CPS has published guidelines for the phased easing of restrictions due coronavirus. Recommendations are directed to the regions. During the lifting of restrictions isolation mode must comply with the individuals with a high risk of severe disease COVID-19, and the authorities should not remove mask mode. If the remote mode of operation does not violate the functioning of the organization, it must be maintained until the lifting of all restrictions.

the technique involves the assessment of the spread of coronavirus, free bed Fund and coverage testing. “Thus, for each region, the period of recovery from restrictive measures and its duration will be individually”, — stated in the message Department.

First point. Resolved for walks, playing sports in the street, small objects, non-food trade and services, resumes operation of some enterprises.

Second stage. Resumes work shops larger, may carry on business separate educational organization. The restrictions on limiting the number of persons in the salesroom.

the Third stage. Resumes the work of the enterprises of trade and sphere of services. Canceled restrictions in the number of visitors and the area open the object of public catering enterprises, hotels, educational institutions.

the CPS recommended during a phased removal of restrictions to preserve the isolation of citizens who have a high risk of severe disease COVID-19 (people over 65 and those who have chronic diseases). “At all stages it will be imperative to keep the work in remote access, if it does not violate the functioning of the institution/business, or the introduction, where possible, shift work, finding remote work contingents from risk groups”, — stated in the message. The Agency recommends the use of a mask mode in public places.

Previously, the CPS submitted its recommendations to President Vladimir Putin. Then it was reported that the first phase will be allowed sports on the street, the second walking with family members, and the third will be open parks and squares.

In Russia, was 188 thousand people infected with coronavirus. Of them in Moscow — 98.5 thousand In the country from COVID-19 dead and 1.8 million people in the capital 1 thousand