“I hope that Schwamendingen will make the school”, said Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (SP) at the media conference on Monday. It you look forward to exactly this road project as the first as the new head of the Department of the environment, transport, energy and communications (Detec) to inaugurate.

“let’s go get us a piece of nature,” said Sommaruga. With the enclosure of this heavily trafficked section of Motorway in the untenable condition will not be eliminated completely, but bearable. “The pressure from the population has paid off.”

the idea for the Overlap of the motorway in 1987, also from the neighborhood came. Ten years later, there was founded an Association, in 1998, a national initiative came to be in the shortest possible time. This, however, was later withdrawn because the Federal government, the Canton and the city took over the implementation.

“we need Such projects in a long breath, and tenacity,” said the head of the Zurich Department of economic Affairs Carmen Walker Späh (FDP). And so must now also be applied for the realization of a little more patience. The million project is about to be the end of 2024 in operation.

green spaces, foot and cycle paths on the seven-metre height

The enclosure of the motorway between the junction Zurich-West and the schöneich tunnel wrapped. This is with 110’000 vehicles per day, one of the busiest sections of road in the country. On the roof seven meters in height, big occur green areas, as well as foot and cycle paths. The emerging overland Park will be several staircases to reach.

“This cover is the healing of an old wound,” said the head of the civil engineering and waste disposal Department of the city of Zurich, Richard Wolff (AL). “The enclosure for the population, peace and health.” And also, would the once-severed neighborhoods schwamendingen-Mitte and Saatlen back together.

Wolff spoke of a profound change in the district. Since it is important that the population and housing cooperatives would be involved. So even 20 of the buildings had to be demolished for housing. “Schwamendingen is affected by the compaction as there is hardly another district.”

cost of 445 million Swiss francs

The start of construction to be shared for the project was symbolized by piecing Together a three-piece, colored tape. This Band is standing for the cooperation of the Federal government, the Canton and the city, explained to the Participants. Without this cooperation, a project of this type and Size was not feasible.

The project cost a total of 445 million Swiss francs. The cost for the enclosure to divide the Confederation, the Canton and city with each other. The Tunnel will eliminate the noise and exhaust fumes. The highway section will be closed for the Work in the night. In the under the freeway, over the course of the tram tunnel, the operation is not affected. (SDA)