The court ordered Poland to make available abortion testimony

Recall that abortion in Poland since 1993, is prohibited. The exception is a situation when there is a threat to the life of the mother when the fetus is diagnosed with significant deviation from normal development and in cases when the pregnancy occurred as a result of illegal actions such as rape. However, in these cases, the woman does not always ensure that she underwent the procedure. Because so many politicians and doctors in Poland – zealous Catholics who demand the prohibition of abortion when the patient asks for the necessary assistance in the hospital, she may refuse due to the fact that abortion is contrary to the religious beliefs of the doctor. It happens also that she did not say this directly, but sent for unnecessary consultations and bureaucratic procedures, thereby delaying the process and bring it to the stage of pregnancy when such an operation is a threat to a woman’s life.

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the European court has addressed three of the citizen of Poland, one of which is after birth, lost vision, the second was forced to give birth to a rapist, and a third are unable to terminate the pregnancy, despite the fact, that the fetus was in the early stages showed signs of severe genetic diseases. The judges sided with the women. Poland is obliged to provide women access to appropriate medical care, and if doctors at the hospital at the place of residence of the patient do not consider it possible to terminate a pregnancy, it must be urgently referred to another health care institution. “Finally, officials were obliged to establish a clear scheme of action. Now doctors, not wanting to take responsibility for committing abortion, women are aware of the numerous difficulties, requiring additional consultations at the gynecologist, the conversation with the psychologist”, – quotes the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza representative organization for the protection of women’s rights.

To remedy the situation, Poland was given the year. If the situation does not improve, Poland are waiting for disciplinary action from the Council of Europe.