Svetlana Prokopyeva

Today in the Pskov regional court held a hearing on the case of journalist of radio “Liberty” Svetlana Prokopieva, accused of justifying terrorism. The prosecution demanded for her six-year prison term and ban on practicing journalism for four years. However, the court decided to fine her 500 thousand rubles without a ban on the profession.

Defenders Prokopieva said that with the court decision they do not agree and will appeal against the verdict. She said that he had expected an acquittal. However, colleagues and friends of the journalist have already started fundraising to pay for her penalty — coming out of the courthouse, she received a gift of a bouquet of flowers and a clear plastic container with the money collected.

Recall, in November 2018 Svetlana Prokopyeva on radio “Echo Moskvy in Moscow” expressed his opinion about the causes of the terrorist attack in Arkhangelsk, which occurred in late October of the same year. Then 17-year-old anarchist Mikhail glabicki has arranged explosion in the local FSB. Expressing their position, Prokop said that “the state of their excessive cruelty itself encourages young people to illegal actions”, and also said that the state itself “raised the corresponding generation of citizens.”

After that, the text of her speech came out in an article entitled “Repression of the state” on the website of news Agency “Pskov news line”. The words of the journalist drew the attention of Roskomnadzor, which warned the two media. They were later fined and the radio station ceased to cooperate with the journalist.

guilt Svetlana does not recognize. She has repeatedly said that he never supported terrorism.

I condemn terrorism, I never condone terrorism. And motivation this teenager was purely political, he wrote about it in the chat. I wanted to understand what pushed him to this, is unacceptable, of course, act. I assumed that the other methods he saw,

she said.