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“Dear Anatoly Petrovich! To your the birthday anniversary of the friendly school team from the village Negotino Makarievsky district decided to remind myself. In our hearts kept a spark of grateful fire lit you can tell, back in 1997, when trouble came to our small village. Burned school… And with it burned our hopes and plans for the development and prosperity Nagatinskogo region. The action organized by “Russian newspaper”, became the saving grace for our village, for the parents and the entire school community.

Your moral instinct is a good example for all of us, your professionalism is a landmark for the younger generation. We with sincere gratitude we congratulate you with fine anniversary. Let your life will be a lot of light,warmth and joy. Let it be good health, comfortable family home, a clear sky overhead,good communication,successful any business!

All the best to you and your family!”

the Team Nagatinskay school.

Negotinska secondary school