American biotechnology company Moderna has announced the successful completion of the first phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against the coronavirus in humans, Reuters writes.

The drug started to experience on a group of volunteers in April. As a result, after receiving the vaccine mRNA-1273 number of antibodies in trial participants, depending on the dose of the drug or exceeded the corresponding figure in the blood of people who had recovered from COVID-19, or was at the same level.

In the first stage, the drug showed safe, it is transferred without complications. The company expects that the final stage of clinical trials will begin in July.

Earlier, China reported the successful test of five different vaccines against coronavirus in 2575 volunteers. At the moment the country has one recombinant vaccine based on adenoviral vector and four inactivated vaccine. Development recognized as safe. Researchers are already receiving data on the successful production of antibodies in subjects. Side effects in volunteers were found.

As of may 19, there are 4.8 million infected. For the entire period of the pandemic killed more than 318 thousand patients, more than 1.8 million people have recovered.