The coronavirus had caused the crisis of the Russian party system

Expert Institute for social research conducted an online discussion on the theme: “the Coronavirus and political parties of Russia”, devoted, as is clear from the title, activities of political organizations of the country in terms of the pandemic. The highest estimation of experts was awarded the “antiviral” activity “United Russia” and “Russian party of pensioners for social justice”.

the Starting point of the discussion was fresh analytical report of the Institute of the newest States “Political parties of Russia in the period of the spread of coronavirus”. The purpose of this study was “comparison of party political activity in the conditions of the existing limitations of social activity and assessing the adequacy of their actions in the current situation.”

the Highest number of points for all criteria scored, according to experts, United Russia. Party “comprehensively supports the President’s emergency programme in all aspects of their political activity, the report notes. Is legislative activity at the Federal and regional level; public political statements and expert comments in the media and social networks; the implementation of civil initiatives; the organization of volunteer work with the active involvement of young people.”

High scores awarded also the activities of the “Russian party of pensioners for social justice”. The activity of the party is quite logical, experts say, because its voters are the main risk group. “The activities of the party to support the elderly in the period of self-isolation, as well as targeting them for “life after the virus” is not limited to political statements, the authors of the report. – Conducted a lot of outreach… Videos of the party, explaining precautions in an epidemic of coronavirus, has garnered over 11 million views in social networks”.

Like expert and information activity of the “party of Growth”: “the party’s website posted reports on the development of the pandemic in the country and the world, Analytics on the effectiveness of quarantine and party news, for example: “a member of the Party of Growth, the musician Sergei Shnurov gave 200 masks for eyes and more than 500 respirators for work with especially dangerous infections St. Petersburg Pokrovskaya hospital”.

the Praise was given also the activities of four new parties registered this year – “New people”, “For the truth”, “Green alternatives” and the Party of direct democracy. “All newborn political forces from the first days of its existence, actively involved in coronavirus topical news agenda,” the report said.

Much worse, experts say, the situation in the opposition camp: “From the parliamentary parties, only the “Grew singleand this”… was able to organize a notable volunteer help of doctors and needy citizens, as well as quickly change the political agenda in accordance with the epidemiological situation. Opposition parties are either “joined” late, as the Communist party and the CP, or, as the liberal democratic party, instead of having to change their agenda, tried to adapt the abstracts irrelevant to the new reality”.

And it’s too bad, according to the authors of the report, struggling with the coronavirus non-parliamentary opposition: “it is not Surprising that the Russian media, including the opposition, to ignore anticorrosiveness the agenda of these parties – nothing interesting to citizens of Russia to offer liberal non-systemic opposition can’t”.

Participants in online discussions generally agreed with the report evaluations. Each, however, tried to add this picture its colors.

“I Think, no exaggeration to say that we are in the midst of the party crisis – said General Director of the Federal expert network “Club of regions” Sergey Starovoytov. – Epidemic has exacerbated those crises that was growing long… Zhirinovsky as a prophet in our country, said, ending one of his speeches that this pandemic shows what we all stand. I think this expression can be considered an epigraph to the activities of parties in Russia as a whole.”

fortunately, the crisis, according to experts, has not the whole party system, but mainly its opposition part. Dramatically changed due to pandemic political agenda, says Starovoitov, knocked the opposition the ground from under his feet: “They can’t criticize neither the Federal government nor regional because they doing something, and the opposition does nothing”.

the Duma opposition, taking advantage of the situation, trying to “update, pulling on his old ideas,” is echoed by a colleague, the Professor of the Higher school of Economics Oleg Matveychev. Much more the Professor likes the approach new parties: “It is not to use this crisis to shout cock to become famous. But to see that in this situation people need. First of all, the electorate to which these young parties want”.

the Current crisis will result in electoral losses for the parliamentary opposition, experts predict. On the contrary, “those who worked, who helped people,” come out of it much stronger. “That is, these new parties will get their political dividends, says Matveychev. – It is clear that this is not being done for this, and for helping people, nevertheless people gratefully appreciate it. Also, as will be appreciated, of course, the huge effort of the “United Russia”, which are visible to anyone.”