In the past two months, many employers fully or partially lost income, nonresident workers and all chose to go home. Some tried to retain their housing, asking the owners of the apartments great discounts. Others simply terminated the contracts and collected the bags.

In April and may of discounts for rental apartments have become a mass phenomenon. Some lowered cost very little – 5-10%, but there were those who “move up” had a substantial 50-70%.

“Discount increasingly demanded even those tenants who have retained income, citing the decrease in the average interest rates on the market and increased competition among landlords,” – said the chief expert of the analytical center Victoria CYANOGEN control.

April and may have become a serious moral challenge “of coronaries” has led to a surge of consumer extremism. The tenants complained and threatened. “In the most difficult cases tenants refused to pay and move out, referring to the eviction through the courts, which also temporarily not considered the case,” says Victoria is a plea. The owners had to be loyal to their tenants, less likely to make comments because of the noise, even if the neighbors complain, close your eyes on minor damage, painted with children Wallpaper, tainted pet furniture. Things that would previously tenants gave part of the Deposit, were just forgiven.

If in April-may, owners and tenants tried to save the relationship, now the market revived, and many tenants have already started the search of the apartment cheaper. The left part of the tenants returned to the cities. The demand for housing began to grow again as the lifting of restrictions, but still prevails over supply, and conditions continue to dictate to the tenant, the General Director of the portal “World apartments” Pavel Lutsenko. So owners still holding on to tenants.

But if in April-may they were ready to do big discounts, but now their generosity is exhausted. “The owners are willing to do minor discounts at 10-15%, and that for a limited period, usually until September,” – said the head of Department of rent of residential and commercial real estate company “Floors” Olga Pavlinov. Many of the owners, even if desired, there is no possibility to reduce the price below. “A high proportion of mortgage apartments for rent” – she said. Also a lot of apartments, the payments which again is spent by the owners to pay the mortgage of their new home. When bargaining, you also need to take this into account. If you exceed the allowable for the owner, the limit, instead of discounts is easy to offer to terminate the contract.

At the same time more likely to retain housing or remove new from the “unpopular” categories of tenants. Become more willing to put tenants with small detime, Pets, smokers. There are fewer restrictions “for Slavs only”, “only lonely girl”, “in addition to migrant workers”. The owners are willing to financial relief. “Increased the number of ads, which allow bargaining and any relief for the tenant, as the rent-free period or no Deposit”, – said Pavel Lutsenko.