The conquest of space Soviet Union tied with the Ukrainians

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, former head of the Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich linked the conquest of space USSR repressed the Ukrainians. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

He noted that space exploration of the USSR are obliged to the two repressed Ukrainians, Valentin Glushko and Sergei Korolev. According to the Deputy, Soviet propaganda portrayed the achievements in science and technology as a result of freedom of thought and creativity under communism. However, in his opinion, the lion’s share “created by prisoners with higher education and scientific degrees”.

Viatrovych reminded that the king was on the Kolyma and in the colonies, where “crippled interrogations” physicist participated in the development of the jet plane RD-1 rocket engines. The head scientist was Valentin Glushko, who was serving an eight-year term.

He also stressed that Korolev and Glushko will go down in history as the people who launched into Earth orbit the first artificial satellite and the first cosmonaut.

Valentin Glushko was one of the pioneers of rocket-space technology, the founder of the Soviet liquid rocket engine. Sergei Korolev is one of the main founders of the Soviet rocket and space technology, provide strategic parity and made the USSR advanced rocket and space power.