The Committee of the state Duma supported the amendments for a vote on the Constitution

the bill is prepared for the second reading. The results of the nationwide voting (if the citizens will vote for) will be subject to the entry of innovations into the force.

In accordance with an approved amendment, a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will be held April 22 from 8 to 20 o’clock local time.

the Authors of the amendments became the head of the Committee Pavel Krasheninnikov and member of the Federation Council Andrey Klishas. They are the co-chairs of the relevant working group that is preparing amendments for the second reading.

Photo: Anton novoderezhkin / TASS Klishas: All amendments to the Constitution will come into force simultaneously

Proposes to fix the date in article 2 of the draft law on the issues of preparation and holding of nationwide voting. 22 April 2020 declared non-working days. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved this date will be held on Wednesday meetings with the relevant working group. The proposal at the meeting voiced Klishas, which is grounded on reasons of convenience of citizens. According to him, April 19, ends with the Orthodox position, and on 24 April the Muslims starts the Holy month of Ramadan, so April 22 is “the best date”.

in addition, the amendments provide that the appointment of nationwide voting will be done by presidential decree, which should contain the question.

Establishes that the national vote are entitled to participate citizens of the Russian Federation who have attained the day of his 18 years with the exception of recognized incapable by court or kept in places of deprivation of liberty by court sentence.

the amendments also embody the principles of voting, citizens participating in the survey on the basis of universal, equal and direct expression of PRand secret voting. The participation is free and voluntary. Prepare and conduct shall be open and transparent proceeding from necessity of creation of maximum convenience for attendees.

spells out the powers of election commissions and the CEC. In particular, the Central election Commission within three days from the date of publication of the decree of the President on the appointment of voting claims its order, the form and text of the newsletter, oversees their manufacture, and summarizes the results.

Also, the amendment assumes that the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and the regional chamber will appoint observers to work on the voting and summarizing its results. In addition, for survey can be used by the state Services portal, MFC, remote electronic voting under the conditions for it.

Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti Klishas: the Federation Council may consider amendments to the Constitution on 11 March,

For the CEC secured the authority to determine the voting results. They should be announced no later than five days after the day of the meeting. The official publication of the results of a survey carried out by the CEC within three days from the date of the decision on the results.

voting Procedure legally verified and transparent, Krasheninnikov said at the meeting. It is close to the model envisaged in the law on presidential elections, he said.

“We have actively consulted with experts to Refine the procedure – said another participant of the meeting, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova. Our guidelines for voting will be maximum openness, integrity and accountability to society”.

She also noted that “all procedures familiar to all participants of the process”, but they will be somewhat easier.