Especially in winter it is worth having a jar of this miracle balm at home. Because the medical ointment has a healing effect and is a real all-rounder against various ailments. Here you can find out what you can use the natural classic from Asia for and what the “right” color has to do with it.

Almost everyone knows the small octagonal jar with the well-known tiger picture label and the golden lid that can be bought in drugstores and pharmacies. This is what is known as “tiger balm”. A balm that is part of the traditional Far Eastern art of healing. The healing ointment is used against various ailments – from aching joints and tension to colds. The main ingredient in tiger balm is Vaseline. It also contains menthol, mint oil, clove oil, cajeput oil and camphor.

Red or White Tiger Balm?

Tiger balm comes in two varieties: red and white tiger balm. Depending on the color, Tigerbalm is used for different complaints. The red tiger balm is particularly suitable in the current cold season. The ingredients are very similar to the white version, but the red ointment also contains cinnamon oil. This can be particularly helpful for joint pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area. Thanks to the combination of cajeput and cinnamon oil, it also has a warming effect because it promotes blood circulation. If you get cold quickly, you can use the ointment on several parts of your body to warm yourself up a bit.

White tiger balm, on the other hand, has a cooling effect. The white cream can be a real blessing for cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose or tension headaches.

Tiger balm is a natural medicinal product. As with all products of this type, side effects may occur. Before you use the balm, you should note the following: Tiger balm should be used purely for external use, i.e. for inhaling in a steam bath, as a bath additive or on the skin. Be careful not to apply the ointment too close to the eyes. The ingredients can cause severe burning in the sensitive area around the eyes.

Tiger balm should not be used on infants and children under the age of 12. You should also stay away from the balm during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Because ingredients such as menthol and camphor can trigger seizures.