Small and medium enterprises of the capital will receive subsidies and grants.

the Commission approved 21 applications in the amount of 17.06 million rubles from the entrepreneurs. The subsidy for the franchisee to compensate for interest on loans, costs of leasing or purchasing the equipment at its own expense, the payment of remuneration to the copyright owner and utilities. For this type of support the company can obtain up to one million rubles.

in addition, issued a positive decision for 47 requests for compensation of costs to participate in Congress and exhibition activities totaling approximately 9,386 million rubles. This subsidy covers the cost of registration fee, stand construction or lease of exhibition space. Takes into account the events held from 1 January 2019 to apply. The maximum size of kesbeke — 350 thousand rubles for Russian events and 700 thousand rubles for international, but not more than 50 percent of the costs incurred.

the Two companies will receive 570,285 thousand rubles for compensation of expenses for the promotion of their products. The grant allows businesses to reimburse up to half the amount of a fee aggregators. The maximum amount is 700 thousand rubles.

Also made decisions on the allocation of 11.35 million rubles to three companies, which will allow them to compensate for the cost of interest payments on loan on the support and development activities. The amount of compensation is calculated based on the size of the key rate set by Central Bank of Russia on the day of filing. Five companies will receive subsidies — 10,313 million rubles in total. The maximum amount of such payments is 10 million rubles.

the Commission approved Three of the appeals are as follows: applicants will receive 2,536 million rubles. This kind of support allows you to reimburse up to 50 percent of the costs incurred, but not more than 50 million rubles.

Four capital organizations will benefit from the grant. The total amount of compensation is 405,38 thousand rubles. This subsidy applies to the cost of the program of secondary and additional professional education of employees. In addition, compensation shall be payment of retraining programs with the assignment of additional qualifications (MBA, EMBA, MPA). The payout per person could reach 120 thousand rubles, total company — up to 10 million rubles. To compensate you can up to 95 percent of costs.

Learn about the conditions and list of required documents for subsidies, and you can place your order on a special website of the government of Moscow for the capital’s entrepreneurs

to Obtain information about financial assistance for small and medium business of Moscow can be in��ROSAM subsidies: +7 (499) 961-01-20. Call center is open on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00.

Began new round of applications for subsidies and grants to small and medium businesses

timely information about the business support measures and changes in legislation are also published in the newly created city Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of telegram channel @subsidii_msk “Subsidies to the Moscow businessmen”.