the two-Storey building with an area of 986 square meters for sale. The auction winner will be able to open an institution for preschool, primary, or General education 95 seats.

the Building is a “Ulitsa Skobelevskaya” and “Bulvar Admirala Ushakova”. The contract with the winner of the auction will be concluded for the period of 49 years.

According to the terms of the program the winner of the auction will have over six months to provide some level of educational services. At least 80 percent of children in kindergarten or at least 50 percent of students at the school must be registered at the place of residence in Moscow.

to Apply for participation in the auction is possible until 7 August, the winner will be announced on August 14. Detailed information about the item placed on the investment portal of Moscow. The organizer of the auction is the Department of Moscow on competition policy.

10th June. At the meeting, the experts will detail out the procedure of bidding, including on preferential terms within the framework of the program of support of small business. Participants in the live broadcast can become investors, representatives of small and average business, individual businessmen. Also the event will be useful for those who are planning to join the auctions for the sale and rental of properties in the city.