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Friday passed the city council, a new and updated regulation, which clarifies how people should act in the public space in Oslo.

– It is based on the national rules which came in last week, that is associated with that one should be in groups of a maximum of five and one-metre distance between themselves outdoors, ” says idrettsbyråd, Rina Mariann Hansen, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK and continues:

– For us, it is right that we treat parks, playgrounds, marka and the sports facilities there, mainly football, in the same way. So it should be easy to understand for the population.

Open for training

Plants are still closed to organized activity, but individual use is allowed, as long as smittevernsreglene followed. It will say that no more than five people gather, and that it can be kept a distance of at least one meter.

OPEN: Idrettsbyråd, Rina Mariann Hansen, tells us that, among other things, football fields opens again for disorderly activity.

Photo: Vidar Ruud

New sign to be hung up, and chain and sperrebånd be removed from courses that have been closed.

– It is the way that football in itself is the sites that one can go into. There are not places one can completely lock the of. So what we have been concerned about, is that the areas where people are walking in Oslo, such as: marka, parks, playgrounds and soccer fields that are open and available for people. Where we have been keen to provide guidelines and regulations related to how people will act when they are there, ” says Hansen.

at the same time as the Oslo municipality opens the closed municipal facilities, Norsk Toppfotball (NTF) adopted a decision which allows for that the clubs can train organized from Wednesday 1. april., type VG.

Toppfotball Women on his side, choosing to await the guidelines from the authorities.

CLOSED: Separated from the one of the paths in the municipality of Oslo, which was closed 12. march.

Photo: Jørund Wessel Carlsen / NRK the Police were contacted

Translation of the decision comes in the back of that among other things, the NFF wanted guidelines from the Norwegian directorate of Health, about what was allowed and not with a view to organised training and facilities.

We feel that this was practiced differently from municipality to municipality, said fotballpresident Terje Svendsen to NRK at the time.

the municipality of Oslo is among those who closed all the sports facilities 12. march. Nevertheless, there have krydd of people in some places, for example on Voldsløkka in Oslo.

In the capital gave some blaffen in closed paths, and the situation degenerated so that the police were asked for help.

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