weights, noise and safety aspects, enthusiastic higher than the joy of Aviation performances, the Flight, told the city Council on Thursday. He asks, therefore, the air force, to dispense with the flights over the densely populated Lucerne city area.

The city Council accept the use of the airbase Emmen for military purposes, he says. The economic importance of the aerodrome and the operations of the companies was aware of and he is very pleased with it also that of the airfield from time-to-time invite to visit days. To him the safety and the quality of life of the population, but around the airfield is a major concern in Emmen.

In the past, the Lucerne’s city government spoke repeatedly against an Expansion of the civil and military use of the airfield. Exercise flights of Patrouille Suisse to be very skeptical, air shows and demo flights will reject you, stresses you more. This attitude is also that of the city Parliament.