Large Screens, but not a Great Movie. This will have to wait a little longer – until the calm down the situation on the main film market in the world – the us. While there also can not open the screen to finally go through the right noise and glamour of the premiere films of the year.

in the meantime, in the course went picture of the second row. Often good – but ordinary, without epaulettes and medals. In Russia – two about a variety of animals (“lassie. Return home”, “Find Panda”) and two about exotic travel: “Happy ending” and “#Andes”. About animals talking ahead about the “Happy ending”, “RG” wrote, let’s talk about Franco-Belgian film “#Andes”.

the Terms, manners and techniques of our online communication is increasingly becoming the language of the new movie – that’s the nature of this film Director Eric Lartigau easy to recognize from the title. Yesterday for the arithmetic mean person, it sounded so weird today, it will be understood infants age #Guli-Guli. The film is about how the virtual images that we imagine we are severely at odds with the prose of reality.

But that you’ll see towards the end. But first we will outline the simple life of a chef a rural restaurant in the Basque Country, his complicated relationship with his sons and his teenage crush, SMS chat with a Korean woman named su. The extent of what you know the middle-aged chief, in the soul of don Juan, it is difficult to predict, but it leaped romantic: he wants to fly to Korea through half a planet, to look at the cherry blossoms. He leaves the restaurant in the care of his sons and getting on a plane rejuvenated.

But the Korean su was not met at airport as promised, and a dinner in Seoul obviously does not take place. But for the authors of the film will come into force completely different order. I think the idea was born because they flew to Seoul and was dumbfounded. From unprecedented in Europe architecture. From its markets, which sells everything that runs, flies and swims. And first of all from the fantastic Seoul airport, on which the authors lay down a uniform film-poem. They not in forces to come off from its exterior in the style of an interstellar battleship and its interiors, where you can wander, in Disneyland the distant XXII century. Otherwise I can’t explain the fact that arrived in Seoul adequate, although slightly reprimanded a French citizen will be stuck at the airport for a few nights, as if hoping for the appearance of his su. He’s sleeping on the station benches and made friends with all inhabitants of the port from compassionate cleaning ladies to the basketball team of fellow chefs and puzzled police. He becomes a local celebrity, and it will attack the channels, spreading the country the news of the devastated French lover.

the Viewer is, of course, will come at the loss of such madness and will ask yourself why would the good sir do not understand��the end that the su stupidly threw, and save the rest of the trip is a visit to the chic area of Seoul. Explanation all the same: the authors are very much unprecedented airport – it is possible to shoot a single film, which they did. In his cyclopean interiors they show and breathtaking arrangements, and breathtaking virtual worlds, where lucky passengers, and performances frisky Korean groups, and even the hero himself will give several dance-sport performances until you are under the wheel liner at the time of landing. The airport clearly needs, he actually became the main hero of the picture, and now the viewer won’t sleep until I see this miracle firsthand. It is even possible that we have before us samples of the best product placement covert advertising, which became the subject of a whole film.

But the miracle is that it does not protest. We got a travel film is a journey in the spirit of the TV channel “Living planet” that will leave a good aftertaste. And once again convinced that the world is full of helpful people, good variety of colors, but a new era won the virtual, in which we now live, treacherous to its illusory nature. We treat the lines and the images appearing on the screen of your smartphone like gambling, where any adventure is available and easy, but materialized, these images will bring down on us the prose of life, and the air of a Princess, woven from the imagination becomes anxious women with his stern life and children. Film even let the ephemeral likeness of the Eastern philosophy nuni – “fine art to anticipate the thoughts and actions of others”, which the Europeans supposedly owns, although it is well know under the name of intuition. But the hero is faithful to its role as Earthling on Mars and obediently reckons simple philosophy at a number of local curiosities like the airport.

a Veteran of the acting profession chabat, who plays Stephen’s risk, has the main for this movie is the talent – absolute organics, the ability to settle in the a wild situation and make it acceptable. So the plot tension is accepted as a Convention computer games, where all the obstacles in your wave are scattered, distances disappear, the hidden becomes visible, and you have seven lives.

1 Aug this picture cinemas are entering a new era postpandemic, timidly opening their doors to the public and trying to figure out whether she had the appetite to watch movies. Large premiere privilegiata for the moment when acceleration is already taken.