The Chinese doctor explained the increase in deaths from coronavirus

the Increase in the number of deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 caused by the death of age and critically ill patients. This was stated by the chief doctor of Wuhan hospital “Ringingtone” Zhang Jinhui.

According to him, now the hospital receives mainly people in serious and critical condition. Because of this, mortality rapidly increased.

Over the past day the number of deaths increased by 254 to 1368 cases. This is the maximum day rate for the beginning of the outbreak, said to RIA Novosti.

last week, hospitals in China have been instructed to accept for treatment only those patients whose condition is assessed as severe or critical. Other patients are sent in points for temporary isolation and field medical centers.

According to the latest data, China was ill for almost 60 thousand people. More than 1.3 thousand infected died, recovered almost 6 thousand people.