a Leading military educational-scientific center, which trains aviation personnel for the aerospace defence forces, is located in Voronezh air force Academy named after N. E.Zhukovsky and Y. A. Gagarin. About her present and future prospects “MK” told the head of the Academy Colonel-General Gennady Zibrov.

Gennady Vasilyevich, what specialties are most in demand among students at the air force Academy?

– the Academy trains specialists in 38 basic educational programs. In our University the students learn more than 40 specialties. In any other higher military school they are not duplicated. Competitive lists in a specialty different from year to year. It is difficult to predict. I can only say that the youth have a strong interest in the fields related to unmanned aerial vehicles, computer equipment and technology, vehicles, weapons. All this is taught in our Academy.

a contest among the applicants?

In the middle of the competition for several years – three persons into place. But for some specialties up to 13 people.

In a statement, the applicant points to three possible career that he would like to learn. Further admissions based on the results of the exam, physical development, professional competence, forms the competitive lists.

Believe me, we value every candidate wishing to study at the air force Academy, and to each candidate to show attention, care and objective requirements.

Pandemic affected the plans to accept the students this year?

– No, the plans are the same. Changed the order of entrance examinations. This is the first year the selection of candidates is carried out on a regional basis visiting groups of specialists in universities. That is, candidates for admission will have to come to military College from other regions. Applicants pass the entrance test at the place of residence.

This feature of the admissions process places great responsibility on the regional military Commissariat. They are responsible for preparing the venues for the qualifying events and information provision.

– part training and research center is part of the Syzran helicopter Academy. How many helicopter prepares it?

-Yes, located in Syzran branch of the air force Academy. Within five years, it trained helicopter pilots for the Ministry of defense, Regardie, FSB, Ministry of emergency situations. There learn foreign military experts from near and far abroad.

According to the standards of higher education in the Syzran branch has over 1500 students. Each year the branch produces up to 350 young pilots.

– what helicopters are being trained?

Flying cadet��s start with the third course. They master the initial helicopter flight training “Ansat-U” and helicopter Mi-8. For the fourth year, students begin training in basic flight training, and 5-m – cadets improve flight training for the military-transport Mi-8 helicopters and attack Mi-24.

What is the average flying off the graduates?

Total flight time over three years of flight training averages 120-130 hours. This plaque is sufficient to provide confident skills in the development of the helicopter. Helicopters Mi-24 senior cadets perform flights in the application of aircraft weapons against ground targets, allowed unguided rockets and shot out of a cannon, and the Mi-8 helicopters operate flights on bombing and dropping of units.

– And after the release of who do they serve?

the Graduates are distributed mainly on the primary flight positions – start service assistants to commanders of crews and pilots-operators. Young pilots in the army master modern helicopters such as the Mi-28N “Night hunter”, Mi-35 and Mi-8 recent modifications, as well as helicopters Ka-52 “alligator”. The most prepared graduates remain in aviation training parts of the Academy are pilots-instructors.

– a Lot of wishing to become a helicopter pilot?

every year, the branch coming more than 1000 students. The prestige of flight operations is increasing. The competition in the flying universities has increased, and now amounts to 3-4 people at one place.

– In the Academy another flight University – the Chelyabinsk branch serves navigators. What are its characteristics?

– Branch generated on the basis of the former Chelyabinsk higher military aviation school of navigators. On 1 October, he will be 84 years old. Future navigators receive flight training on the aircraft Tu-134Ш and An-26Ш. This is a special modification designed for the training of navigators.

the Cadets of Junior courses begin training on a specially equipped training ground in the cabin. There they learn the basics of the integrated use of navigation and navigational instruments for complex navigation calculations.

older Students perform flights in the cockpit at the workplace of the Navigator of the crew, master these types of flight training, bombing, aerial reconnaissance, landing, transportation of goods.

Military navigators prepared only in Chelyabinsk. Therefore, the graduates are serving in distant, military, army and tactical aviation, as well as in aviation, the FSB, the emergencies Ministry and the interior Ministry.

you learn to future aviation engineers and technicians. How many people come each year to study in these fields?

– Preparing of specialists in the four departments: “Aircraft”, “Aircraft weapons”, “Aviation equipment” and “Aircraft avionics”. Graduates of the Academy of technical specialties are very popular.

the Profession of aircraft engineer, specialist aviation engineering service is a genuine interest in young people. Annually we have to study more than a thousand cadets at the competition – 3-4 people in the place.

the students study the design, rules and operating procedures of all aircraft which are in service with the Russian aerospace forces, including strategic bombers Tu-160M, military-transport Il-76MD-90A, as well as aircraft of tactical aviation and helicopters.

In recent years significantly increased the value of unmanned aircraft in combat and special tasks. In this regard, the two departments training specialists of aviation engineering service, exploiting the complexes with UAVs “Outpost”.

the Command of the air units, which are our graduates, and speak of them very well. According to the results of combat training of cadets of the final courses in 2020 to the address of the head of the Academy has received 126 letters of appreciation. 45 cadets at the end of practice were awarded with diplomas, 120 cadets gratitude.

– how Many of your students of Voronezh?

– come Learn the guys with all without an exception subjects of the Russian Federation. Each year approximately one-third of the cadets come from Voronezh and Voronezh region.

I am Sure that these figures not only because of the geographical proximity of the University to Voronezh applicants. The Academy provides the region’s extensive work on military-Patriotic education of youth. Only the sponsored schools, we have more than 150. Another human resource is Unarme. The Academy is a patron of 65 Junior military units.

the Fruits of this work is noticeable – teenagers are motivated to study the lessons of military-applied sports, participation in military-Patriotic events.

Where are the cadets? In the barracks every 5 years, or now is a different system?

– I Can assure you that the problems with living quarters in the Academy there. The total housing stock is 1236 apartments, of which about 100 are in so-called maneuverable Fund. This housing stock we have secured a permanent part of the Academy, in need of service housing and I want to emphasize, all of the students.

the students of the 1st course as conscripts living in barracks. From 2nd to 5th course cadets who have signed a contract, live in modern dormitories. It is planned to Commission a separate 17-storey building for married students, so they had no trouble renting apartments in the city. Constantly moderniziriruyutsya academic building and barracks, in which lived��Ute freshmen.

whether in your University girls?

-Perhaps his answer, I will disappoint a lot of girls dreaming to become officers and serve in the ground support services of the air force or divisions of electronic warfare. No, we set the girls not implemented.

help-MK: “air force Academy named after Professor N. E.Zhukovsky and Y. A. Gagarin in 2020, was awarded the order of Zhukov. 26 Sep Academy celebrates 100 years. The number of Academy – 13 thousand. The Academy enrolls more than 800 students from 47 countries. Successfully, there are 26 military and scientific schools. Among teachers 171 doctor of science, 1211 candidates”.