in The European club competitions uefa Champions League and the Europa League in July and August and has been completed, and the national football team, which in June were planned will be available in the fall will be made up. This is one of the most important measures taken by the European football federation, UEFA, at his video conference with the states on a Wednesday, to communicate, according to the German public service broadcaster ZDF.

If that’s the case, does that mean that the European champions have assumed that there is coming a summer again football can be. So far, there is still a lack of clarity about it. In Belgium, explained that the football federation and the professional football is already on hold until may 1, and will include all of the amateurcompetities the past. In the Netherlands, the government, the football, at least until the 1 of June and came to a halt.

in The uefa Champions League and the Europa League, but were just as good as any of the national leagues have to be shut down due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Europe. The last games that were played, dating back to Thursday, the 12th of march. In both the Champions League and in the Europa League, but some of the eighth-finals yet to be partially or even completely finished.