want to look If there is a day in the life of a woman, you are absolutely perfect, then that is your own wedding. And even if we (the Body-Positivity-be movement thanks!) in everyday life, hopefully, be gracious to our little perceived “flaw” look – at “day of days” every woman hopes to be able to just disappear.

Exactly here is a new product help, which has just been presented at the time of the popular Vox TV-show “The cave of the lion”: The so-called “flab smoother promises”. Hidden behind the quirky name:

The “fat floats”: The slightly different Shapewear from DHDL 2020

Since 2012, designer Ayse Byzanz runs a Bridal and evening fashions-Studio in Düsseldorf. In their work, noticed that both the slim as well as curvy brides-to-be stressed in the case of very figure of the bride dresses with sewn-in corsets often have the same Problem: The corsets can provide an extra narrow waist, but if you lace them really tight skin wrinkles and fatty deposits in the shoulder or back area and under the armpits arise.

Ayse Byzantium began to fiddle around, therefore, and developed the “fat floats”. And it works: unlike conventional Shapewear small fabric to provide inserts with sewn-in suspension to allow any excess skin to turn invisible. The “flab float be jammed” in the appropriate Places in the dresses and sewn to ensure the crucial inches more air.

The “fat floats”: for BHs suitable for

However, not only for Bridal and evening fashion looks Ayse Byzanz needed, even for everyday life want your Innovation to use: “women dress size 40 often have the Problem that back-fat ugly along the bra-closure looms”, says the designer of the Vox-broadcast. Therefore, it has a slightly modified bra-use for everyday life developed, the works basically but the same as the one used for Bridal and evening dresses.

Where can I buy the “fat floats” by Ayse Byzanz?

so Far, only little Information about the fashion label and at the “cave of the lion” featured Shapewear-Innovation. A Website, an Instagram Account or a Facebook page? Unfortunately, also wrong. Where and for how much money to buy the “fat floats” so maybe we can’t answer at the present time. If this could be an indication of a ruptured Deal with the “lion” remains to be seen.

DHDL 2020: Gets Ayse Byzanz a Deal?

What we can say: in Order to market their invention worldwide, provides the designer with the Pitch on Tuesday, the 14. April 2020 the “the cave of The lion”-investors 10 percent of its shares in the company for 150,000 euros. The broadcast will be available at 20:15 on Vox to see.

This article was written by (Alexandra Schöb)

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