the Plot of the Kremlin wall in Veliky Novgorod collapsed due to errors in the restoration 70 years ago, reported the press service of the Novgorod Museum-reserve.

In particular, the section of the wall over the Water gate happened leakage of the concrete pavement. This happened due to the fact that the renovation carried out in the 1950s years was incorrectly used for the renovation of part of the wall, in particular, has not been carried out anchoring and ligation.

As a result, for decades the inner part of the walls were moist and over time it led to delays of masonry. In the end, the walls collapsed area of about 25 square meters.

the fact that the site is in need of restoration, the experts said for a long time. Project of integrated restoration of the fence, is land of the Kremlin between the towers, was developed five years ago. In 2016 and 2017 part of the work was carried out, since the Novgorod Museum-reserve annually apply for renewal of funding.

the Museum noted that the walls collapsed where restoration has not been performed.