The cashier at the loaf

the area between buildings N 4 and N 8 street Sigaeva are two UAZ. One “loaf” with the words “Mobile office”, the second “growling” generator. “He gives electricity to the computer and POS, says the driver “loaves”. Here we have two of the cashier, two drivers and a mechanic.

People around with the car a bit. As it turned out, the residents of the neighborhood just didn’t know that there will be working mobile office.

– that in the yard there are cars, I saw by chance – says the pensioner Hope Chudinov. Yes they arrived: I just need to solve the issues of overpayment – I for heat removed extra 38 cents.

Cashiers sitting in the cabin, communication with customers takes place through the drawer. Since such event was held for the first time, the inevitable overlay. So, the pensioner complains that although mobile box office is open only from 11.00 to 16.00, “cashiers have to wait, they say, at dinner.”

– Freeze here now, an hour and a half – upset said Chudinov. – Although it is useful and necessary: the banks for the payment of electricity charge of 30 rubles to the Commission, and it is a lot to me. It is a pity that here only accepts payments for heat and hot water.

the Utility explained that they will work in the district on Friday. But what is the address exactly they are is unknown.

it is a Pity that information about the work of the mobile cash almost none. Apparently, it is very difficult to put up posters at the entrances, so that the population knew where and how much can I pay for the heating and hot water.