Lamborghini prints are sewn visors

Where else custom leather seat covers for the Lamborghini models that are currently 1000 masks per day (figure). In the upholstery shop, the masks are sewn for the staff of the polyclinic S. Orsola-Malpighi in Bologna (I). More Lambo prints per day 200 polycarbonate face protection-visors in the 3D printer.

Ford-New Ford keeps their children

models are intended to entertain children as old classic game and to inspire. On the US-car offers brand games like “Spot the difference” (image), “Paint-by-Numbers” or even Origami Faltvorlagen for the whole family. Ford adds to the page regularly with new puzzles.

Michelin distributes protective masks

The Red cross of lower Austria and the Euro master get 2000 masks from Michelin. The tire manufacturer will equip the staff of the medical service at the Red cross with 1600 masks. 400 will go to the employees and customers of the Euro-master-workshops, a Michelin subsidiary.

Auto Kunz will donate to Corona-research

For each of up to 30. April, online via the Internet-selling car donate car Kunz from Wohlen AG to 300 Swiss francs, the Swiss national science Foundation (SNSF) for the study of Coronavirus. “Since the beginning of our action, we remit a weekly basis in favor of the Corona-research”, says managing Director Roger Kunz. “Until the end of April, a handsome amount is expected to come together.”

60 BMW for nursing staff

Comparatively virus-free is currently only in the car on the road. Because not every or anyone in the medical field, Employees has a private vehicle, BMW has Switzerland’s fleet of 60 vehicles from the company’s Park for professionals and care staff free of charge provided. First of all, the action is up to 24. April on a temporary basis.

Seat produced, certified respirators

in the factory In Martorell, near Barcelona (Spain) manufactures the VW subsidiary Seat, depending on the needs of up to 300 ventilators per day to clinics on-site support in the Corona-crisis. The drive of the devices, the modified windshield wiper motors. The devices are certified by the Spanish authorities for clinical use.

SRK and Amag margins for in-house delivery service

The Generation Ü65 for the time being to stay home. Therefore, the Swiss Red cross has a food home-delivery service in collaboration with Coop launched. Also engaged: employees of the VW importer Amag support the service as a volunteer driver.

Land Rover Switzerland car

Also, Land Rover, Switzerland, is committed to the house service of the Swiss Red cross in the delivery, in collaboration with Coop. In Zurich and Olten, the delivery driver of the SRK in vehicles of the brand are on-the-go – other regions will follow.

Astag and TCS launch personal platform

The Swiss commercial vehicle Association Astag and the TCS want to bring jobseekers and employers together, the need in the Corona-crisis more Employees. On the Internet platform to find, for example, currently much-needed truck drivers new Jobs.

Audi Switzerland auctioned off VIP experiences

The children’s rights organisation Save the Children supports families in which the parents work in the health sector. Audi Switzerland wants to help with “Audi4Heroes”: Via the marketplace Portal, Ricardo experiences will be auctioned off with the Audi brand ambassadors or their memorabilia – from a cookery course with Andreas Caminada (image) up to the ski boots of Didier Cuche.


contributions to help free the end of in the healthcare sector are currently reliant on the car for commuting to and from work. You should remain, however, even lie, to help the TCS-Patrollers while the Corona-crisis as a priority and free of charge – even without a TCS membership: As a medical professional in the event of a breakdown simply call 0800 140 140 call and specify that you are working in the health sector.

Panolin disinfected more

at the beginning of March, the hydraulic and engine oil had to be brewed-manufacturer Panolin from Madetswil, ZH because of disinfectant lack of 800 liters. The product was immediately sold out. The reaction of the family of entrepreneurs Lämmle (image): add instead of give up. This week, the 30’000 Liter, for the Corona-assistant of the hospital until the bus driver were ready.

Daimler bosses do without

loss of production, decline in sales, short-time work: The crisis is hitting car makers massively in this country, the paragraph breaks. Mercedes parent Daimler makes that all have to do without: the Supervisory Board and the management Board and CEO Ola Källenius (50, photo) until the end of the year to 20 per cent, of wage, Manager including to 10 percent.

Carify creates new Jobs

Because the public TRANSPORT in the Corona-crisis thinning and infection risk, booming car-subscriptions – for example, from a Start-up Carify (image: Team). The now offers Free delivery of Abo-cars, based with the Boom in the auto garages (the cars), and searches in the crisis, 30 new employees, in order cars to be delivered.

Renault puts 100 electric cars

The Swiss Renault dealer make Caritas, Red cross and Spitex in the light of the Corona-crisis 100 electric cars from the guy Zoe is available for free, so that the myriad of special bets can be better mastered. Registration is simple via the website. The promotion runs until 24. April, but could be extended.

Porsche-Museum launches kids portal

the Stuttgart-based car maker is doing something against the boredom at home: Under Porsche4Kids there on the net games and crafts instructions, puzzles and Coloring pages. Older children from the eighth grade will also find the learning material on the topic of electric mobility.

Mobility in the monthly subscription

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus have halved the bookings at the Carsharer Mobility almost. The company reacts and provides Private and commercial up to a quarter of the fleet of new long-term rental. Thus, the mobility in Switzerland is maintained and an Alternative to the public TRANSPORT are to be created. First customer of the Spitex is Wyland.

Carvolution expanding range of

Because of the increased demand of the Swiss Auto-subscription service Carvolution expands its range. From now on, customers can choose from various maturities – ranging from 6 to 36 months. A small there car so well already from 350 francs per month, including Service and maintenance costs.

Mazda Switzerland cars

Under the Label of “Mazda Help” searches for Mazda Switzerland at the web portal of institutions that are in need of a car to be able to be in the corona a crisis of their duties. Also, the 120 Mazda dealer help locally with cars, or cleaning and disinfection. 20 cars are already on the road; among other things, the Bio-supplier Farmy. How many vehicles want to mobilize Mazda’s marketing Manager, Katarina Loksa? “As many as possible!”

can be colored with Fiat

Fiat Switzerland launched on its Facebook page, is a coloring book for all three generations of the Fiat Cinquecento and is launching a competition: Until 30. April can children share their drawings and a LEGO kit of the Fiat 500 to win.

What is the Coronavirus is?

The new Coronavirus keeps the world in breath. But what exactly is the Sars-like Virus anyway? How was it? And how can you protect yourself? VIEW clarifies the main issues and keeps them in the news Ticker to date.

I Have the corona virus or just the flu?

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