As told to “RG” in the press service of the Moscow United energy company, total debt is only Top 100 defaulters out of the list of debtors may exceed 8.6 billion rubles. While last April the company does not account for another 18 percent of the payment for the provided resources. From all groups of consumers the largest number of debtors, as before, that private management companies in housing and communal services. “Their payments in April of this year decreased by thirty percent compared to mid-spring of last year, – told “RG” the press service of the energy supplier. And often it is not the fault of the residents, in principle, they regularly pay the resources generated through their management companies. We see this in the part of the inhabitants, who pay us by direct contracts – here the payment discipline is much higher. But management companies do not hurry them to us to transfer, and dispose of them at its discretion. Because most of these companies are included in large holdings engaged in construction, trading or some other field. Sometimes our funds are a kind of loan. We collect debts through the courts. And usually the decision not only to return the debt, but the payment of penalties for late payment, sometimes this amount is comparable with the very long”. Now, in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation, until January 1, 2021, a ban on the disconnection of utilities for the debt, the accrual of fines and penalties for late or paid not in full the charges for utility services. Therefore, in the courts of the supplier of heat and hot water is drawn, but the return to the debtors will only owe him a debt resulting from the April 6.

the press service did not rule out the possibility that unscrupulous management companies-debtors will wait for the expiry of an embargo on penalties, especially that violators will be nothing. Even those who have already made billions in debts.

in Addition to private managers, there is a shortage of organizations financed from the Federal budget. Here the debt level of the MIPC increased by 10 percent compared to the same period last year. With regard to the capital budget of organizations, such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals, they are the most consistently fulfill payment commitments of resources.

As the Director of the branch of MOEK Alexander Zaprudnov, large debts for previously supplied heat energy can have a negative impact on the ongoing preparation for the next heating season. “Don’t blame the rising debt on technical issues or the inability to visit client’s offices, says Zaprudnov. For customer convenience the company has provided the possibility of transfer and payment service in online mode”.

Note that the capital energy much difference in paying for electricity is not noticed. As told in a press-service of Mosenergosbyt, the funds received in March and April is comparable to the payments in the same period last year.

Recall that in the capital during the high alert mode you can check and pay a Single payment document, transmit readings and pay for electricity consumption and to send readings of water meters online portal or directly to portals of energy supply companies.