The FCZ, FC Bayern Munich, the Swiss women’s football is. Series the master. Also in the last season, the Zurich-based interior brought the Double.

But now it comes to the big Exodus! Eleven women leave the club this summer. Three step back. Four others, such as, for example, Coumba Sow go abroad – and four-even within the League. As Caroline Abbé (31), Ex-Captain of the Swiss national team, which returns home to Servette.

“Any change? his story”

Why are the women of Mr. Canepa will run to you The FCZ Boss needs to smile, says: “they run us, each exchange has its own history. It is quite normal that it comes sometime in a Team to a major upheaval. These Disposals are, in turn, a great opportunity for our young players.”

Sure, it is ambitious, yet always the same, said Ancillo Canepa, “the Team definitely has enough quality”.

“level of the world Cup was excellent,”

the quality of women’s football in Switzerland generally Ancillo make himself and his wife, Heliane much more Worried. “We run the risk of losing the connection to the top,” says Heliane. Her husband says: “The level of the women’s world Cup was outstanding. The were great games.”

The world Cup in France was a great success. Big media presence, many spectators, great games. The Canepas hope that some of this euphoria spills over to Switzerland, so really believe you can do it, however. “We hope that this world Cup has shown many people how attractive women’s football is. Previously, it was in Switzerland, however, a lot of people say how great you find women’s football, however, nothing for him to do,” says the FCZ-President. And: “In Switzerland there is a lack of money. Although there are numerous smaller sponsors that do this for emotional reasons and not because they receive an attractive value.”

“We will continue to fight”

The media coverage left much to be desired, to say the Canepas. The young couple shoots a year, some hundred thousand francs in the FCZ women’s Department. That’s not good enough for professional coaches, and structures, however, for a Compensation of the game inside. Also because in women’s football, no transfer fees to be paid, of which a training club like the FCZ could benefit. “We fight,” says the FCZ-President.

The missing money is certainly a reason why this summer, as many players have decided to leave the FCZ. “We at the FCZ are very ambitious, the effort of the players, the work all along the way, therefore, is also particularly great. It is understandable that there is a game inside, where everything is too much.” Also, the series Champions and Double-winners.