Drivers make an extraordinary discovery at a gas station. You will find a severed human penis there. This has nothing to do with a crime – but with a tragedy.

What motorists found at a gas station near a highway in the US state of Alabama can safely be described as unusual. It is a severed human penis.

Anyone who now thinks of a crime is wrong. “The limb found at the gas station is not related to murder or assault,” writes the responsible police. But one after anonther.

First, the local portal “Lagniappe Weekly” reported the find by drivers. “Multiple sources have confirmed to us that a human penis was found Monday morning at a gas station on Navco Road off Highway 10,” it said. This led to further research.

According to the Daily Mail, it should now also be clear who the severed member belonged to. The man’s name was Christopher Means, he was 29 years old and died in a motorcycle accident. He is said to have lost control of his machine around 6 a.m. as he entered the freeway near the city of Mobile. Rescue workers who arrived shortly after the accident could only determine that he was dead. Apparently he was also run over by several road users without them noticing.

How the penis got to the gas station cannot be definitively explained. The theory that he was thrown there is almost impossible. Reports that he was transported there by another vehicle and fell off seem more likely. A surveillance camera of the gas pumps is said to show how a truck drives to the gas station and the penis falls off it.