The camera has learned to recognize faces and reduced the number of autostealings in Moscow

Theft out of fashion

In the Metropolitan police head office at Petrovka 38 is the situation centre, where by cameras are usually watching the mass events during the world Cup in 2018, for example, the work here never ceased for more than a month. Now the representatives of the different operational services gather at the monitors more often on holidays – whether it’s the city Day or Christmas festivities. The possibilities of this room, one of the walls where completely covered with large screens, the correspondent “RG” shows the Deputy chief of the Center for investigative information of GU MVD in Moscow Eric TDS.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS On the roads of Moscow has set 35 new cameras

“We can display on screens the image from any camera connected to the system “Safe city”, a total of more than 170 thousand, – he said. In addition to the fixed cameras that can’t change the angle, there are also dome – they rotate 360 degrees and can zoom in on objects of interest without significantly compromising image quality”.

No cameras today, it is difficult to imagine the work on the disclosure of any of the crimes recognized by the police. One of the first steps made by the investigators in the course of the incident, is viewing the footage. And not only those that were able to capture the crime itself, but nearby in their field of view could get the waste criminals. Eric Lobov says one of the most high-profile recent cases, when the Tretyakov gallery was stolen painting Arkhip Kuindzhi. The kidnapper took her from the wall, left the building and disappeared.

“From the time of the theft to the arrest of the suspect just a few hours – says TDS. – First, the cameras tracked what kind of car a man sat down with the picture, then looked at the path of his carLa, and in the end figured out the house where his attacker came in. There he was arrested along with a picture.”

Some types of crimes with the advent of cameras and does start to wane, for example car theft. If before them every day in Moscow recorded a few dozen, now only a few occasions. This is not surprising – the stolen vehicle is now easy to monitor the cameras, and hence the risk to the hijackers has increased significantly. Even if the twist license plate, this car will still stand out in the stream.

face to Face

demonstrates Good results and recognition of individuals, which in Moscow are now used in a test mode. The police admit that the results are impressive, and in September the system is running in normal mode. Particularly noticeable effect of facial recognition gives to the subway – many people have probably noticed, as miniature cameras began to appear directly on the turnstiles at the entrance to the subway. They gaze into the faces of passengers against a database of wanted criminals.

These cameras have been tested at several stations, which did not detain those who are wanted. The results exceeded all expectations – there are now monthly delay of five to ten criminals who are looking for not only Russian but also foreign law enforcement authorities. And guards at these stations has not increased, there is simply put “smart” cameras.

Photo: RIA Novosti the traffic police will develop new requirements for the installation of cameras

On the streets, however, are able to identify the offender’s lenses too have suspected they pass the signal along to the nearest police and to the operations duty officer, after which the person is personally checked. TDS recognizes that the system makes almost no errors and works quite effectively even in the crowd.

Well sarekomandawali itself, and biometric cameras installed at the entrances to the entrances of apartment houses of Moscow. More recently they worked only a thousand, but they helped to identify and detain more than a hundred people. But now, city officials put 100 of thousands of such cameras.

in fact, the film’s the process of searching for wanted people was automated, the police no longer need to remember the signs and study guidance, the right person will find the automation itself. And electronics will help to find not only the offender, but also a missing person, who is looking for family and friends.

Photo: istockСохраните archive

last year in Moscow, the film could open more than 4 thousand crimes, but the question here is mostly about serious offences. But the cameras and in less serious situations, scratched in the yard truck, or even a missing dog. And ask to save security footage that could get something important, you can not only the police but also ordinary Muscovites.

And every year they use this service more often, – says the head of the Department of urban surveillance of the Moscow Department of information technologies Dmitry Golovin. – If last year’s Uniform center of storage and processing of data received 27,3 thousands of requests to upload the video archive, in 2019, their number exceeded 30.8 per thousand.

this center attracts entries from most of the city chambers and kept there for five days. Therefore, it is important to book the archive until it has worn off. Golovin says that most Muscovites last year requested records in the event of property damage. In second place are a bit behind the accident.

Stationhow to help

to save the entry you want Moscow camera, you can call the “hotline” city surveillance system by phone: 8 (495) 587-00-02. When you call you will be given not the actual record, and the requisition number that you want to pass in the police. There will be able to upload the files and view the footage using your access. Archive on request is saved for 30 days.