The Cabinet will provide financial assistance waiting for departure in the Russian Federation the compatriots

Photo: Alexander Astafyev/RIA Novosti Golikova called the countries from which coronavirus was introduced in Russia

it Seemed, successfully launched the process of liberating Russians from the “foreign captivity” will continue, because the other way simply can not be. So until recently I refused to move from the source of information, believing that it lacks the main thing – the answer to the question, what practical steps will be taken by the government to help overseas, the Russians, if, for epidemiological reasons, the export flights will still be delayed.

But, speaking about the current with our compatriots situation would be hypocritical not to recall why it happened. After that abroad the Russians should be set to return, repeatedly reported the foreign Ministry. But, judging by the accounts in social networks, listened to the recommendations, not all. Until the end of March residents of the Russian Federation flew to Thailand, as proudly wrote on a variety of Internet sites. And it was as members of the so-called “package tours” and individual travelers.

And not all resting on a distant Zanzibar, India or the equally remote island of Fiji, where up to Russia and good times to fly 30 hours, immediately decided to rebook tickets. On the contrary, many waited until the last minute, expecting that all “will resolve” and only received a TEXT message about the cancellation of the return flight, he started to fuss. But precious time, when the borders were still open and the pandemic has not yet grown to global proportions, was lost.

I Must admit that today are stuck abroad, mainly those who independently organize their trip. But this is not the poor people who went to see the world Inot on the latest savings. Therefore, certain financial resources for a longer stay in a foreign land with at least some of them are.

the Central Bank has clarified microfinance organizations to work with borrowers

according to the foreign Ministry, about two-thirds of Russian citizens, who today would like to fly home is located in Thailand. Including those who lived a long time in this country and wintered in it, when there was an opportunity without having to travel to Russia, visa extension. These people were convinced, as repeatedly reported in blogs that to return home they do not have. And only after the official Bangkok shut down all possibilities for the extension of visas and imposed severe quarantine, they zasobiralis in Russia.

And then there are the students who have studied abroad – in Europe or the United States. Only when it became clear that the epidemic count in places of stay for the free medical care they can not, this group of Russians wanted to return to the fold.

nevertheless, genuinely indignant this bordering on egoism shortsightedness, we must admit that whatever the reasons these people stayed abroad in the midst of a pandemic – they are all Russians and, as such, entitled to state assistance. Including in such vital question as a homecoming.

still lists those Russians who wish to return home, was foreign Minister. Now, according to the order of the Operational headquarters for the prevention of importation wishing to leave must complete on a Single portal of state services a special form with information about yourself. It is obvious that it will only be those who have Russian citizenship. On the basis of the information provided people will provide social assistance.

the government has allocated the Ministry of foreign Affairs for these purposes of 500 million rubles. The money will be targeted to those who find themselves in distress, and not all equally. In addition to citizens, if necessary, assist in prodestablishing the terms of the documents under which they lived abroad. However, the final decision of this issue depends primarily on the good will of the authorities of those countries, where now are the Russians.

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In his “Facebook” the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said, “We are not going to give up and take this journey together with our citizens.” According to her, the Agency expects the rapid flow of allocated government funds, and then “work will start according to the statements of those who really need it.” “We are ready to work with the Commissioners for human rights of Russia and subjects of Federation to resolve humanitarian questions of the citizens. By stakeholders also will work to there its not forgotten,” – says Zakharov.

According to estimates by the Ministry of foreign Affairs, now abroad are more than 30 thousand Russians. However, the real figures will be known only after wishing to return to Russia will tell about yourself through the website services. It is not clear whether among the living abroad residents of the Russian Federation cases of coronavirus. And this is quite possible – given the fact that many Russians do not one day was spent at the airports waiting for departure. Among those in trouble – families with children, the elderly.

At the disposal of the Operational headquarters said only of a temporary suspension of the return of Russians to their homeland. And that gives us hope that this process will resume and will be completed with all necessary epidemiological constraints. It is necessary for us all so we can continue to be proud and confident to try on the famous phrase “do not throw their Russian” spoken by General Mikhail Dmitriyevich Skobelev during the Balkan campaign of 1877-1878.