The Cabinet introduced measures to reduce the impacts from COVID-19

Almost from the first days of the spread of the disease around the world, the Cabinet of Ministers is closely monitoring the situation and goes to drastic measures to prevent the widespread of the virus in the country. For safety’s sake, he is willing to put the cordons even the closest States. “We have also taken the decision to close the border with Belarus to move people,” – said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin yesterday at a meeting with his deputies.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev What is being done in Russia and the world to combat COVID-19

– We will continue to do everything to protect our country from this new threat, to proactive, to take measures to prevent the mass distribution of the coronavirus, he said. – All the current restrictions we deliberately introduced in order to avoid more stringent measures in the future.

moreover, the situation in the country is gradually moving into a new phase. If the first detections of infected concerned citizens who came from other countries, in the last days, declared the head of the Cabinet, the increase in statistics is due to their relatives and persons with whom they had contact.

In the White house are going to continue to be proactive in order to prevent mass spread of the coronavirus

New measures will be developed formed the government on Saturday of Coordinating Council on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection. Headed this structure personally Mikhail Mishustin and yesterday held a meeting of the Board.

In a full medical readiness

the Priority of the named task in the field of healthcare. The curator of the social and the medical unit appointed Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. She reported that as of the afternoon Monday in the country has recorded 93 cases: 86 cases brought in seven people – contact. Almost 80 people are in hospital, most of the disease occurs in mild form. The first is already recovered and discharged.

“All persons coming from other countries, and contact with them, the citizens are under strict medical supervision,” – said Deputy Prime Minister. For all the time it have passed more than 50 thousand people, 35 thousand shot. Other Golikova called absolutely healthy people.

all About the coronavirus, the government intends to speak freely, said the Prime Minister. Photo: Dmitry Astakhov / POOL / TASS

Increases the amount and pace of testing population. Each day is 100 thousand test systems. “We have gained nearly 710 thousand, in regions supplied 427 thousand test systems, and another 282 thousand test kits will be sent today and tomorrow,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

the Agency is mandated to deliver these test systems to all subjects of the Russian Federation, who are ready to take them to work in the laboratories of III-IV groups of pathogenicity. “We assume that citizens in the absence of obvious symptoms, but which were in countries with unfavourable epidemiological situation, can go to these labs,” said Golikova.

the Prime Minister instructed to provide a special procedure for payment of sick-leaves for citizens in quarantine, and for healthcare professionals involved in the prevention of disease, – additional incentive payments. The Finance Ministry should create a special Fund to reward doctors who risk their lives and health, particularly distinguished himself in fighting the coronavirus.

across the country, according to the Deputy Chairman of the government, ready to provide medical assistance to the six thousand physicians, nearly two thousand obstetricians and gynecologists, more than 18 thousand nurses. If necessary, you can engage students of medical universities and colleges.

the medical organizations will give the right of registration of leaves of disability in disremote form without face-to-face examination of the patient in the presence of the documents confirming stay of the person in one of the countries where cases of the coronavirus. It extends to persons living with such people.

the Ministry will review the order of payment of sick-lists. “Payment will be made directly to the citizen in advance of the closure of a leaf of disability, – said Tatyana Golikova. We determined that it would be every fifth day, to citizens who are under quarantine or not to lose their income”.

ready to any development of the situation given infectious medical infrastructure, said Deputy Prime Minister. Deployed more than 55 thousand patients, medical facilities have more than 40 thousand devices of artificial ventilation of lungs.

“all health care organizations created a two-week supply of medicine minimum stock of personal protective equipment. To each organization brought recommendations and algorithms of actions for the diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Tested and ready to work as a single free “hot line”. It 8-800-2000-112

the Prime Minister also wants the state Duma has accelerated consideration of the bill regulating the retail sale of OTC medicines. “To soon it was possible to order these prescription drugs through the Internet with delivery,” said Mikhail Mishustin.

the exam changes the time

As you know, is not spared, the situation is a party and the education system. Universities are moving to the distance learning schools for a visit. The Ministry of education and Rosobrnadzor will create a working group which, together with the regions will take a unified organization and support of distance education.

Coronavirus will make changes in the schedule of the Unified state exam. Decided to postpone the deadline of early exam, said Tatyana Golikova. New not yet in opredalen, it will do in the near future. “But I want to say that this will be without prejudice to our dealer and, without prejudice to subsequent admission to higher educational institutions”, – said Golikova.

support Measures: 300 billion and more

first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov responsible for the plan of action to support the economy and business. It includes 47 high-priority measures. 35 of them are very fast in nature and must be implemented within the next 10 days.

Photo: Michael Solunin / TASS the Government will launch a website stopmanager.RF

the Plan consists of four sections. The first is associated with the support of the population and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of essential commodities. Retail trade, pointed out yesterday, Mikhail Mishustin, has to create the supply of such goods, and for this to obtain preferential lending. “We should also simplify the supply within the country and from abroad”, – noted the Prime Minister. For a month you want to cancel the restriction in the city for transport of commercial networks, and to launch the customs “green channel” for food and nonfood commodities to be procured large retail chains and importers.

the second section includes the mechanisms for helping sectors of the economy, has already experienced the negative impact of coronavirus. First and foremost is tourism and air freight. “The government has already decided on the organization of postponement of collection of tax payments in these sectors, – said the Prime Minister. – In the future this could be extended to other affected industries and enterprises”. Andrei Belousov them related constructionOh, the sphere of rest and entertainment.

– in addition to direct subsidization of losses to which we proceed according to well-established techniques from the end of March, there are also measures related to the prevention of coagulation of open credit lines banks – particularly he drew attention. Because we already have examples when banks are struggling using the difficult situation of some companies in these industries, to reduce the line of credit. This is completely unacceptable.

the Third section of the plan assistance for small and medium businesses. The government intends to increase access to concessional lending, to remove restrictions and increase the volume of subsidies provided. In particular, said Belousov, will be studied the possibility of a delay in payment of interest on loans and direct subsidies of interest rates in the amount of 0.5 percent of market rates. We are talking about the postponement of rental payments in cases when the business works at the state or municipal premises.

the Fourth group of measures is system-wide. First Deputy Prime Minister they are connected with the formation of the list of strategic enterprises. They will be under special control and, if necessary, can appeal to a special Commission for operational support ranging from restructuring of loans and up to direct subsidies.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Total number infected with the coronavirus in Russia rose to 93 people

system-wide first Deputy Prime Minister also took the introduction of force majeure on public procurement and on certain types of return of foreign currency earnings in cases when the importers who buy abroad Russian goods, are not able promptly to pay for Russian companies.

– We believe that while the amount is about 300 billion rubles may be sufficient, – he announced the “cost” of the whole package. – Plus a certain guarantee Fund, but, of course, in case of need, the budget has all the features of that amount to be exceeded.

For the stable functioning of the economy Mikhail Mishustin ordered until the end of Tuesday to prepare the plan in its final form.

However, as the grafting

the head of the government noted that informing citizens should be one of the key directions in the work of the coordinating Council. “The lack of information always gives rise to unnecessary concern and unfounded fears, he said. – We already see that on this basis begin to occur most incredible rumors that have nothing to do with reality, and sometimes stuffing is an outright fakes”.

– We work as openly as possible, and every person should be able to obtain reliable and timely information through all channels of communications – through television, media, Internet, social network – explained the Prime Minister the essence of the informational policy of the government. – So you don’t have to search long for the necessary information – what is the coronavirus, which preventive measures to use, where to go, if you need help and have questions, and just with a single click in an accessible and understandable form to get the answers.

This is to ensure Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. For operative informing the population about the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the government is creating a resource “Stopmanager.of the Russian Federation”, he said. “This resource will reflect the real situation in the country and abroad”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Tested and ready to work as a single free “hot line”. It 8-800-2000-112. Mikhail Mishustin immediately gave permission to run.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS In Russia, another test system for the diagnosis of coronavirus

Directly under the Council set up an information center, which will monitor the situation in the country and ensure cooperation between all agencies. “The center will work around the clock – 24/7,” – said Chernyshenko. All operational reporting will form at 6: 30 am.

All these steps Mikhail Mishustin, who has devoted a significant part of the problem coronavirus infection, called a priority. If necessary, the government, he promised, will take a new and quick to put on them in popularity.

From the population, the Prime Minister expects understanding and participation. “The more organized and more responsible, we pass this difficult period, the faster we can handle this threat and be able to normalize the situation,” he said.

– Asking you to help and protect each other – turned Mishustin to the citizens. – I am sure that a responsible attitude towards their health, along with the measures taken by the state now, will allow us to quickly stabilize the situation.