“to Establish a ban on the admission of industrial products originating in foreign countries (excluding member States of the Eurasian economic Union), for the purposes of procurement for state and municipal needs”, – the document says. A similar ban is introduced for goods purchased for the needs of defense and security of the country.

In the list of 125 items. This is clothes, shoes, bags, machine tools, industrial equipment, tools, locomotives and cars, cars, planes and helicopters.

the document spelled out the exception for cases when the goods are not produced in Russia, and if we are talking about the purchase of one unit of a value not exceeding 100 thousand roubles or the aggregate of goods with a total value of less than 1 million rubles.

do Not fall under the restriction of procurement in the interests of the FSB, MVD, SVR, FSO, mod, of Regardie, the office of the President of the Russian Federation.

the Decree comes into force from the date of its official publication, except for the rules relating to cars and vehicles. For them, the ban will take effect July 1, 2020.